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kirs (ace3611) wrote,
@ 2003-11-27 13:41:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:"Bandages" - Hot Hot Heat

    k, so im sitting here in the freezing cold. im on my 6th glass of chocolate milk for today. downloading "she thinks my tractor's sexy" --no i havent lost all sanity. my sister is home for the weekend, she's a very big toby keith fan- and is making me d/l it for her. even though she leaves to go back up to the P on sunday- it will only exist on my computer for the next 3 days (if that).

    so happy thanksgiving..hurrah hurrah. i am so tired, ive taken like 3 naps already. havent finished my book, but im oh so close to being done. hmmmmmmmmmmm***** i want JONATHAN SOOO FRIGGIN BAD! i cant friggin stand it. i wish i could just his pants off and say "ok bud, let's go" but *sigh* im afraid there is no possible way i can. at least not today ;) DAMN YOU FOR LIVING WHERE I WANT TO LIVE. AND ME LIVING IN THIS STUPID MITTEN-SHAPED STATE.

    wellllll i think im gonna get jettin, i think we're eating dinner soon even though its approximately 1:52 PM and i just had lunch. oh well, whats about 10 more pounds of food gonna hurt. ehh lol im kidding. k ill be on later.

    peace, suckka
    love always~ kirs

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