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Justin Finch-Fletchley (j_finchboy) wrote in acciorpg,
@ 2003-08-26 20:55:00
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    CHARACTERS: Ernie MacMillian & Justin Finch-Fletchley
    SETTING: Hufflepuff boys dormitory
    NOTES: Lily--- we have 24 hours to finish this or it never happened (:
    (see, I can listen to my own rules O:D )

    Ernie MacMillian: Ernie made his way up the stairs to the boys dorm, his bookbag thumping noisily behind him. Upon reaching his dorm, he pushed open the door and stepped into the room, closing it behind him. Surveying the room happily, he smiled. The bronze and black bedspreads were lit by the light coming from the setting sun. Starting to walk to his bed, he got caught by something tugging on his bag and fell down hard on his bum. Glowering, he turned to make a smart remark to whomever it was, when he realized that it was actually just his bag stuck in the door. Walking back to the door, he released the bag and turned again, to find someone laying on their bed, laughing. He turned pink. "What's so funny?"

    Justin Finch-Fletchley: "You're a klutz," Justin said simply, swining his legs over his bed and walking over to Justin hands on his hips as he laughed almost arrogently. "It was very funny."

    Ernie MacMillian: His cheeks flushed a slight pink, he mustered up what courage he could and rolled his eyes. "I'd like to see you drag this thing up the stairs and then NOT get caught in the door," he said, heaving the bag onto his bed, then falling onto it himself. "Stop being so...arrogant. No girls to impress in here."

    Justin Finch-Fletchley: Justin curled his lip and shook his head, heading back to his bed. The girl comment struck him in that wrong emoriffic type of way where he thought about how his arrongent act didn't help him with the girls much, and even if it did he still felt like crap. "I don't see why you carry all that junk with you, if you didn't you wouldn't have to worry about doors," he said in a drastically less playful tone

    Ernie MacMillian: He was struck by the change in tone, and creased his brows. /Was it something I said?/ "It's not junk!" he insisted from his bed. "It's my books! It's the stuff I need. I just...don't get why there's so much..." Sighing, he thought back to just a couple days before with Haylee. "Speaking of girls, how're things for you?"

    Justin Finch-Fletchley Justin shook his head, sighing slight. "Its junk... I don't see why you can bother with that shcool stuff anyway." Turning his head to look at Ernie when he spoke, he pressed his lips and screwed his face. "Bad. Haylee wants to be my friend and Susan's very..." he paused, searching for the word. "Moody. I can't do anything right. It is starting to bug me when I think about it."

    Ernie MacMillian: Scowling, Ernie replied, "I'm just more studious, okay? I like school." Something he was touchy about was his schoolwork and Justin knew it. Justin, in Ernies point of view, seemed to have caught on some of Susan's...moodiness. "Er...I uh...consoled...Haylee...the other day," Ernie admitted haltingly. "Why did you not go after her in the first place?" She was a nice person, pretty too, just Justin's type.

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