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Pretty In Pity (aashes) wrote,
@ 2003-06-03 12:30:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:from autumn to ashes x short stories with tragic endings

    weeee its June. okay yesterday i lost the ball to my eyebrow and i was walking around holding it in all day until my sister gave me one, but it was sooo big i looked retarded. so then today when i was vacumming my room, i sucked it up in the vacumn. niice. but then i hit the vacumn and it just rolled rite out. i was like..uhhmmm. then like 5 minutes ago i was smoking a cigarette and i put it on my window sill because i wanted to turn my light on, and it fucking fell out the window. i was like WHAT THE FUCK. and it will probably set the house on fire because i didnt put it out. so now im making sum food and with my luck the microwave will blow up. bah i love it. mmmm food. i went to go see one of the schools that i might be going to next year yeasterday. it was fun. i went to hampton academy. there really perky people there. they really like dme tho. there was this one kid with huge liberty spikes and this other kid that hugged everyone he passed. and this morning the guy that interveiwed me called me and woke me up and he was like screaming in my ear. "HI IS THIS KAELYN?!" im like ahhh yeah. hes like i was just calling to tell u weve accepted u in our school! WEEEE! i just don tknow if i wanna go there cuz i still have to see garfield tomorrow. okay ummm im gonan go eat my food now. BYE

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