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-=- Rhyme Book -=- (aaejae) wrote,
@ 2004-01-06 17:41:00
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    Current mood: melancholy
    Current music:"Wanna Get To Know Ya." - G Unit

    "Wanna Get To Know Ya."
    First I want to thank for all the compliments on the verses I've been getting. A lot of you have been saying I'm talented and that means a lot. If you want, comment here so that others can read it and in turn reply. I get two questions: what encourages me to write and do I like Eminem?

    What encourages me to write is because I've loved hip hop from day one. When I wrote little verses, sucky rhymes and as I studied it, it became a sport. And I love a good challenge. Also when I'm stressed, it's a good way to get it out. Like, for me to have the last word or want to tell them something that I can't just say to their face ... yet.

    Do I like Eminem? He's very talented. He always has a good beat and I see him as a guy who saw his world in shit and flipped it. And if I can do that, that'd make me happy. I like other rappers though as well.

    This is a little verse I decided I wanted to write. I might put it in a song soon, maybe not. The girl in this verse will remain nameless. It goes with the beat of "I Wanna Get To Know Ya" by G Unit so I put the chorus to that song to give you the feeling.


    [ Chorus ]

    I wanna get to know you.
    I really wanna fuck you, baby.
    I'm lost in your lovin'.
    I'm simply going to drive you, crazy.

    I wanna be your lover.
    I wanna get to know you, baby.
    I'm lost in your lovin'.
    I'm simply going to drive you, crazy.

    [ AaeJae ]
    You're the only reason I don't need to ride with these sluts.
    You're above them baby girl and I'm telllin' you what.
    I'm doin' my best to keep it legit, I tried to be buds.
    But that laugh and that ass, fuck it's driving me nuts.
    I could have other girls and you could have other guys.
    But that'd be pointless because we'd be livin' a lovers lie.
    And I know I'm not the perfect guy in your Mothers eyes.
    But I never met a girl who always gave me butterflies.
    I wonder how can one girl can mold me into puddy.
    I'm too into you baby boo, no way to be your buddy.
    Just a pal, or a chum, your companion or your friend too.
    I rather be your knight in shining armor to protect you.
    We were good to each other, but we had trouble cussin'-
    Each other out, runnin' our mouths, but what couple doesn't?
    Your ex was an ass, but if you give it a chance
    I promise you'll live an endless romance...
    I love you little girl ..

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