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vdssfsa (aaaqqq333) wrote,
@ 2012-02-27 14:29:00
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    agree with this idea are decide
    Industry for nearly three and a half to talk about my career and workplace experience, just graduated from a friend can give some inspiration, but also hope that the veteran is to give guidance.
    The ABBS me a long time to come, or frequently issued before 2023 affixed, and later a busy,Gucci Handbags, it is not to I just resigned from a company in Shanghai, and finally have the time, so would like to point of ideas and exchange.
    I graduated from Zhejiang University, learning garden art design, originally reported this school with professional, my art teacher, I actually did without any thinking, and even parents do not know I signed up for any professional, they approved a meal. but they did not.
    first entered school, when after a moment of confusion, do not know garden with landscape in the end what to do. see people watching the building's book, I also saw, I saw other people to see the plane I also looked at the book, at that time reading to see very complex. in school is a very hard, basically did not do anything, the lesson not to go on to tell the truth I learned to try harder only two things, a design theory, a software technology (which proved that these two things play a decisive role in my future work). the rest of the time is play games, look at the disc, in a daze from the sophomore was I same, just went around looking for the practical thing to do, but the garden do not involve, and I do graphic design, interior design, architectural design, and even painted the illustration, painting, anyway, about the design I have tried a little, now it is thing to do was quite naive, but also very interesting in the previous three years, the basic bully consumption consumption through
    junior summer vacation time is a turning point for me, a back has been a professor in Beijing, consider the open a studio to pull a few students, including me, I began to garden design in the true sense of the time time I might forget in a lifetime, the professor is a particularly good guide with inspired, he will often discuss with our theory, the direction of thought he was on hand and no one, the first project we do together, we are particularly satisfied and pleased, but when finished the second project, looking back to the first feel super bad; and so on, several of us made a total of five or six projects, each step is a step, including design, including project operational efficiency and software that work very tired, but really happy and I think this is the charm of a good working atmosphere.
    senior began to suddenly have a point of pressure, interview several times, rely on, people do not want me great frustration later occasionally called, they said you can come for an interview, I did not think the director actually hit it off with me, praise it Photo in the picture is a good school training, etc., very much appreciate me the way I started in this home located in the center of Hangzhou Design Institute schools in Lin'an, I arrived in Hangzhou, a person in the company which sleep two weeks, this experience is really unique, but never have dared to try. later director where he had rented for I live, and thus began the true sense of life in Hangzhou.
    many students say graduation started working there will be a period not suited to period, it is painful, seems to me not at all, hh sleep in the fact nothing. may be before the school laid the foundation of a relationship, although I did an internship period, but the work I do with the general staff is the same, many ways than I do, plus various software are familiar with, a few days became their main force
    The reason why is the hell of life, because our director is an artist designer (China Academy of Fine Arts), and not only design The outcome of the art of management is also very artistic. Unfortunately, management is a science, rather than a work of art. the hands of employees may suffer, because we do not work hours, working hours, all free to our busy time, continuous several overnight; empty when hh also overnight; the company online, playing games, watching movies what (required) to work every day at nine in the morning to the afternoon or four points. director will give you the task at any time may be 9:00 in the morning, 3:00 at night. In general, in Party reminders chart, we casually play reminders chart, our interim report, the Buddha feet mad rush map, a project to do more than a year, out the results are garbage, gas Party half to death, we are tired of half-dead, our director just to see him look like a , until when I left after a year and a half of the company, looks like a ghost, I, too, I am deeply feel the importance of corporate governance, but unfortunately I do not have much power to control this problem, I did not. Do I an ideal pragmatist, I believe that the ideal, and also believe that the people had the ideal, we can not stop progress. I believe landscape design from a business perspective, the success of a student I well intend , I must be in the community and lay a sky, I want to be the best landscape design, open the best landscape design company based on this ideal, I tried very hard, basically a formal graduate, began as a project responsible person for each project, I make every effort to be responsible for good. had once worked continuously for 50 hours. director to see me so hard, readily moved under took a thousand oceans to me, but then to the outside world, has been basically no perception the mood for any surprises.
    my salary is so fat, each project in accordance with the commission counted a month basic wage 1800, some 1200 per Award issued once a quarter to the quarter between 3000-5000, and various projects by the end of the count again, to understand the rest of the money on the surface of this system seems to be very good, but no concept of our artists, director of money management, operate out of the mess. formal work about six months, the company's management has entered a very chaotic state. extremely inefficient employees constantly on the run, then began to consider their own business. This idea has been considered for six months more, only formally began implementation.
    the total count to this company, I spent a year and a half. summarize the company's advantage is that time is not strict, the director is very talented, can learn from him art type of landscape design. drawback is that, the company not to mention any management, mess, low efficiency, drag wages, low credit, unable to communicate.
    followed nearly a year, the venture period, the year I can say to do a lot of things, always felt that year had a particularly long hh hh TMD really long
    one I hung up with one of my colleagues one of the founding director with the design director, looking for several interns to find a site, their design and decoration, find many money. quite pleased to think can finally start working for themselves, and since they do not do worse than the original company, it is pulled The time has really done a little bit of something, make a little money later on the project, the internal contradictions of the two collaborators, I do not want a detailed description of what contradictions have passed, not to mention. us about three months to the end of cooperation. felt too tender, too tender, are plenty of things to learn. was asked if I regret this matter, I said of course not regret it, I have always believed that young when the momentum is a good thing, youthful frustration right after is still a better than wealth.
    This experience let me summarize the two experiences, one is the cause of cooperation must be very very careful selection, including character, after the ability, maturity and other aspects; another one is that once you choose a good business partner, you must be very, very trust him to sum up this experience, I have lost money and time; but has been experienced, experience, experience been a trusted subordinates (this will be mentioned later). I think I am no loss, I got a lot
    After this, I switch to open the store. it is together with my woman, she was just run into the cause of the neutral, I was disheartened as an industry in the garden was thinking, simply dry trading forget, although the money than doing design less, but the very best thing, and doing the design went to get a little money really trouble to open the store direct cash sent hand, multi-ah So, we began to do research, find stores, design trademark, to convince the home took a little money, began to engage in them. Unfortunately, the failure was soon coming, I only three months.
    where the problem lies? The problem is that 隔行如隔山 put their weakest with others chaos looking for people who for decades fought, how than?
    Next, I did a semester of university teachers, the external kind of teaching is the interior design, now the University is really no teacher people find my head, I am still only teach the students of my best things, the software I put some of my understanding of the design, and some practical skills to teach them. In fact, the beginning, the students still not agree, think I look smaller than they can teach them something, but later the things I teach is very recognized.
    In fact, this year I did The most important thing is to read a lot, not only is the design, management, entrepreneurship, combined with my own experience, a lot of things have insight. this year, although setbacks heavy total loss of thousands, but also my fastest-growing year.
    continues today to talk about my experience, stay in Hangzhou for a total of about two years, I have a sense of frustration, Hangzhou is really a sad place , when the West Lake in Hangzhou is heaven a place other than the West Lake is a hell I decided to escape from this hell I started looking for work, and later, by chance, a professor at Tongji University in a telephone call to me in the past
    experienced two years of experience, I feel a little a seasoned while the feeling of tolerance, we meet to talk about the show, does not seem like a recruitment and the recruitment of the atmosphere, are more of a chat state. I did not tell him my entrepreneurial experience, but only that they have the experience of the Design Institute, was afraid he might feel out of my goal is too big, unable to retain domestic boss, afraid of their own employees too ambitious, afraid they have not been faithful to him, or went to the competitors go over there; I think has nothing to do, if there is an ambition and integrity of the employees into your company, it is big good, ambitious staff worked very hard, if you give such employees sufficient space for development, we can have a great help to you, even if people want to separate the hills, will also cooperate with you in a lot of things help each other and I was his own works he looked, he was satisfied, so I entered his company, he gave me 100,000 a year, the first trial month.
    the first month probationary period took 2500, he turned to give me 3000, did not know then carried away or what, actually said, not so much, gave 2500, I rely on, it is estimated that mental also want you foolish, give you the money you still do not. the second month on the basic wage, I said the basic wage to high, the best in 3500-4000, his melancholy glanced at me a said, well, give you 3500!
    The professor is very young and very cow fork of a person, he has a deep background of Tongji, his academic style with the typical characteristics of Tongji pay more attention to macro-control, landscape design, focus on philosophy, culture, say, the core, the real; and light innovation, aesthetics, performance and to be honest, I just saw their works, I felt really sucks, the NND such ugly things actually take the shot? because I was born artist, pay more attention to the beauty of the landscape form, and pay more attention to the forms of innovation; but later found that really is not such a sense of beauty or art is just one aspect of the landscape, especially the large landscape or planning the landscape, not the only beauty can be resolved, there are too many influencing factors, social factors, ecological factors, functional factors, cultural factors, builders factors, user factors and so on. the
    than in the management of Hangzhou that home good, very little overtime, work efficiency is high, things very orderly arrangement, the company operating costs are very low; just not very good atmosphere, we sat up together do not speak very quiet.
    I later understanding of other ordinary wages and salaries in the company more than I, the basic between 2000-3000, no other grants, with almost level only about three people, an original charge of the design a construction drawings person in charge.
    both to the security of this company, I would try my idea with the concept of Tongji together, that is, pay attention to the macro-control culture, saying at the same time innovation, performance, beauty lift. on the management, the management of knowledge before trying to use the specific operation of the project on the operating mode, and began a regular, efficient work, including personal time change , So, I and from a ghost slowly getting back to a
    worked for some time, I found some of the problems inside the company, the problem is, there is no good basis for employees, our company sitting sit very neatly, are some students who just graduated from school, the possessed nothing, but many of them are basically no experience, this is also normal, but some of the staff bad attitude, like half-hearted so that trouble a result, some of the map allows them to draw, but must be unfinished after me to change, when things get busy, no one to help me share. overtime need a person to work overtime. they are normal work, I finally know some people why such a low wage reasons. MMD, really I know that my heart sick, who know me that I want anything else hh
    in a deep middle of the night, a storm the night of the Cross, a very unhappy when overtime to BOSS issued a fire at this moment, let the world are feeling the vibration the hh
    So, I put my old part of the drop-down over the old men was looking for interns in Hangzhou, hanging and Design Institute, was very lucky, one of the two is very talented, a lot of potential in all aspects of capacity are strong to work with them can feel the passion of their creation, I old men, in fact, also the difference between the year of graduation, it is now one of my collaborators.
    the same time, there have been some personnel changes, the original design responsible person may feel I'm coming after a little pressure (Tongji graduate) because we BOSS is also trying to design mode of the internal competition, each connected to a program need to take a few people responsible for each program to compare, select one of the options, mainly carried out in-depth design should be said that his intentions are good, hoping to stimulate everyone's thinking spark, but the results will lead each person in charge has a lot of pressure, it will result in staff internal contradictions I have been defeated, but the record repeatedly defeated war, and later defeated and wins, wins again defeated. soon collapsed in my fast not stand the pressure, he was the first step to leave the company. as he left the company, many people are gone, basically were all big shake-up result is that new employees have become the oldest employees. Next, I talk with BOSS a management vision and exchanged with him, the future is basically in accordance with management mode to operate. The envisaged
    an extreme mode are not able to produce the best results. stress management, requires a certain pressure, but need a degree, can not allow the designer is too great the pressure, otherwise the design will have too many limitations, not to relax the design is definitely not a good design. on time management, a little relaxation is absolute control, such as allowing late and leave early, but the overtime when must add, the weekend should have a break in the time control of the project, each step clear, each step must be to set aside a certain amount of modification time; each delivery of results before leaving the modification time of a certain length. Personnel Management improve the role of key employees, and strengthen the ability of ordinary employees, excluding employees can not afford not any attitude. once a week overall regular meeting every morning to arrange for specific tasks by the project leader. project leaders must learn to liberation out the work at hand to the general employees to do and play to the strengths of each employee, to extract the body and mind do think the work of individual employees usually want to communicate, and strengthen the work and learning environment.
    in the actual operation of the work, or a program by the number of people each but by the responsible person to play a coordinating capacity to gather together the bright spot of each program, but not to any one program led to discuss and draw a program with various glittering program each one deepening are must be a collective discussion.
    honest I envisaged this set of model is the assembly line approach, but from a business point of view, this is the most efficient and effective way to do so a direct result of yes, the efficiency is greatly improved, greatly increased the enthusiasm of each employee, the work atmosphere is greatly enhanced.
    Another important improvement is that old men brought two people are the original in the school's top-notch figures In this case, the formation of our company's core team, each member has a very strong ability, each person is also a specialty point, specializes in hand-painted, a good model, good plane good construction, good coordination, good at building these outstanding employees together, leading to greatly enhance our combat effectiveness.
    We work and live in this society, really want to learn to be grateful, grateful in this day and age, although there are many drawbacks to this day and age, a lot of ugly things, but I think that has begun to slowly changed for the better. some time ago I read a book called It is interesting that a large company,Gucci Wallets, a youngster sitting in front of the computer to do things, sitting in front of the computer to do things with a small company, talk to a youngster to do something? The answer is that there is no difference this era of technological development is too fast, just to all the young people opportunity, our ancestors built the pyramid power structure system will soon collapse, the collapse of society in the future will have to rely on strength to speak, the opportunity is only left our future strength. will be a left brain-oriented society, focusing on creativity and innovative spirit, the calculation of the things people rely on right-brain to the computer to solve for the design industry, is about to enter a golden age
    Closer to home, I spent two years in total in the company, the first year increase, and gradually achieved the trust of his staff during the year, try to really serious project to do fine, try to clean up to receive Tongji ideas and thoughts into a White try to win the trust of the under earnest work attitude. the end of the first year, I basically fully qualified for the main person in charge the role of the BOSS is responsible under the others responsible.
    second year with the BOSS talk about wages, I put forward two demands, that the basic wage increase, to reach a month 8K, the other end of the year to give; point annual salary to reach 12W. I rely on, did not think he actually did not how to think so I agreed, and knew to be a little more hh In fact, I value his basic wage, does not make sense As for the annual salary of 10W and 12W. I do not believe that the lip number, only believe the actual number of get in the hands of all the verbal things that are false. feel is subject to the great in the previous year, because the basic wage is too low, I feel very uncomfortable if it is a young friend, Do not like me mentioning conditions, or BOSS will fry your squid if you want to achieve such conditions, we must first let the boss disability and how to let his disability? is to make your own has become one of his hands or a foot or two hands two feet, so he did not feel you can not, so you can do whatever they like, hey! second year
    , I began to try to put my management model applied to the actual details of the work go in the first year, I tried to strengthen the management to see whether it can stimulate the ability of ordinary workers to make boutique, the answer is not confirmed the sentence of the world h thief, the 21st century is important, talent! perfect talent, and perfect management, is the elite team. My goal is to build the country's top elite team.
    outset said, I am a pragmatic idealism with my core team, and I often talk about ideals and tell them we have to do, they do best. not do their best to the best, but truly the best, even if it is a distant dream. As long as we go to the pragmatic to pursue, we will step by step to reach.
    I feel most fortunate in my life, I met a group of friends, a group of brothers, a group has a common ideal I core team capacity, character, understanding is very good, but the unity of the second year of the work done by slowly freed from the complex drawing with things, mainly to do two things, a is thinking about how to improve on the operation with the design; another one is to train the hands of a few people responsible for
    and then began to try to do business. In fact, this either needs a strong background, or have many years of experience to receive the item, it is hard. also pulled a small business, are some small things, or is incomplete, not mediocre. on the business, I have failed many times, many times, many times many times, and finally succeeded. I was with one of my under flew from Shanghai to the remote Heilongjiang, that project had to go, is a 30W project, I received the true meaning of the project. project was not much, but for me, meaning really too important.
    slowly I began with my team privately made some small things to do these things, it is envisaged that a lot of new model have achieved some good results, the subsequent development, the whole team has been united into a very close co-operation groups, the whole team have a common goal of a common faith. Of course, the team also needs a space for development. a growth environment. which also led in the company's collective resignation h,
    talking about resignation, I was actually in the company dry to a year and a half, when ever, I feel I have to do this inside the company top , then the development of space when I leave for a month, seriously thinking about me in the end how to do, to think my way out. had no results. feel high fragmentation lower, not to test the significance of graduate students do not know to test this stuff where, for me, was not ripe. After much deliberation or returned to the company say. later met a few people, let me clear idea of ​​my own hidden deep inside, or that have a collective strength, I become more confident, I began to put my thoughts to communicate with them, they very much agree with this idea are decide to pursue this dream with me.
    So, BOSS goal with the goal of our team a bifurcation. the BOSS of the company's development goals are in mm do not develop, he only needs about twenty people in the company to maintain projects come in on their own to control their own good money to feed their families, write point papers, mixed school live. In fact, to be honest, if he really wants to do, or say as long as his word, I have full confidence in the company engaged in the greatly but he did not, he did not want to do, he was afraid to lose control to be afraid to spend too much energy, he afraid of h, so I want to leave sooner or later, a matter of time. just did not think just because only to leave after a quarrel.
    talk about our BOSS, he is a good man, handsome man, expert, Professor. his long handsome and mighty, Kongwuyouli, talented, proud complacency, bad-tempered scholar tolerance, often curse the whole company of female students lost down in his jeans, he afraid hh King and some of his hate and fear of
    Unfortunately, I am not afraid, in fact, I afraid, I am very timid, but experienced some things, after some people, not afraid of my usual good-natured, always willing to help children, often points sweets for the children. kids hit me. I fight with him, the children playing me, playing with him. I am a Taurus, I feel really like a bull, and usually very mild, but once angry, no joke. whose face is not to
    just when we are planning for the sake of walking a day, we accidentally wipe the gun, take the fire. bad temper, he hit the bull angry. the outcome will be ? noisy than the thunder sound,gucci outlet, I rely on, but earthshaking ah. the next day a meeting, he criticized me, saying I do not have the powers fought, and said, even if you really have to go, nor should such fought with this thing I felt he was really very depressed in the evening, with his resignation, he readily agreed to, the better Tongji life on this end.
    we go, BOSS again a cycle, the basic all employees, one after another evacuation, all the big shake-up statement about the departure of those employees, not my instigation, with the resignation of my team, they say,gucci bags, the king 's work, you go, we are again in here do not mean to go along with go! that time I was real moving, I think there is such a group of friends in my life have been no regrets. other employees because I think there boring, so I can leave.
    sum up in that company, management, philosophy, cost control, strong, BOSS strong, no matter how bad the program, he had such a talk can always achieve the impossible into something wonderful. explain the program, the Party A with the experts will definitely be very careful listening, the venue will suddenly become very quiet, really TMD cattle fork disadvantage is that the BOSS do not trust each employee, and a confusion of good things with bad things, good people and bad guys, still a little in the management of defects; In addition, the temper was irritable, and sometimes staff cynicism. the biggest problem is not considered employees for development.
    two, do not speak do not speak tomorrow talk about it anymore.
    mode I imagine, excellent staff and reasonable management, the formation of a pipeline

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