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afsafsaa (aaaqqq222) wrote,
@ 2012-04-06 13:39:00
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    business in the county
    chief reporter of the

    □ correspondent Li Zhao Wei Zhaolin

    newspaper Zhumadian hearing the Shangcai a man drinking and driving, Kuangtuo a 14-year-old boy escape after more than 1000 meters, the juvenile He died died. Yesterday morning, the reporter from the the Shangcai Public Security Bureau was informed that the driver of the vehicle by the police under criminal detention.

    car accident Kuangtuo juvenile Qian Yumi to escape

    According to the Shangcai Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Battalion accident squadron of police Li Yang introduced the evening of August 25, moderate rain, 21 when points, he received a 110 command center news: the door of the county middle of Baiyun Avenue Agricultural Bank of China in a road accident, a boy knocked the car accident escape.

    Alarm, Li Yang and Wang Mingliang, police rushed to action. 3 minutes later,chanel handbags replica, he again received the 110 Command Center news: Baiyun Avenue South side of the road a teenager lying in a pool of blood.

    police rushed to the accident scene of the second alarm, they found a body badly mutilated boy, lying on the right side of the road. Soon, the 120 ambulance arrived, the boy picked up.

    Li Yang, motorists rushed to the accident scene of the first alarm, see the scene only a shoe and two umbrellas, the crowd of residents said, the idea the boy was just an ambulance picked up on the roadside.

    the same road, have been lying on the two boys by measuring 1100 m apart. The police speculated: the second scene of the boys,coach outlet online, most likely from the first scene of

    monitor screen in the

    by the investigation and survey, and the whole county and the junction of the monitor screen contrast, the police quickly locked the The morning of August 26, the traffic police department in the vehicle registration files, the the Shangcai 26

    Since then, the police detected by monitoring the county's flying field grade Soon, the police locked the car of a car license for Upon inquiry,coach outlet, the Department Shangcai identify the car owners.

    police visited was informed that the time of the incident the car driving human Huo, chilled food business in the county.

    August 28 at 0 40, Huo came Shangcai County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Battalion surrendered to the account of the facts of the crime of drunk driving hit and run. In the morning, Huo police in accordance with the law under criminal detention.

    two juvenile rainy night to go home to a car accident

    According to the introduction of the the Shangcai traffic police deputy brigade commander Zhao literature, the 14-year-old Meng Liang (a pseudonym) and 15-year-old Wu Qiang (a pseudonym) is a pair of good partners. Night of the murder, they went to the Agricultural Bank of Baiyun Avenue near the accident vehicle from behind rushed, will be hit by Wu Qiang,christian louboutin shoes, dragged Meng Liang south fled.

    8 26 am 4 pm 20 points, Liang Meng seriously injured after she died!

    on the morning of August 31, Shangcai County People's Hospital surgical ward, Wu Qiang, the father told reporters: According to Wu Qiang, the attending physician, in addition to body surface scratches,gucci outlet, the injured has been referred to the head pain is currently being further observation and treatment.

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