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afsafsaa (aaaqqq222) wrote,
@ 2012-03-24 15:24:00
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    one pointing to the neighbor hand
    Children cough just is not long, began, anti-inflammatory medicine to take for nearly seven days, it can not let her eat, see the recipe, really put it down, first reproduced down below except now with Chuanbei pears outside, I will slowly try!

    Abstract] cough, common cough and internal injuries of the points of cough, common cough is divided into the treatment of cough wind thermal cough, different types of cough medication is completely different ...

    cough and cold remedies wind-heat cough remedies injuries cough cough remedies in children massage children with cough pay attention to

    cough, common cough and internal injuries coughing points, common cough, cold cough wind thermal cough, on different types of cough medicine is completely different therapeutic approach is different. There is a simple method for distinguishing between here is to observe the child's tongue. If the tongue is white, is the treatment of cough, weight children cold, cough, sputum is relatively sparse, white stick, and both nasal congestion, runny nose,Coach Satchel, then eat some hot, Huatanzhike food. If the child's tongue is yellow, red, wind-heat cough, your child heat larger, cough yellow sputum, thick and difficult to cough and sore throat, then should eat some of clearing the lungs, Huatanzhike food. Injuries cough in chronic cough, recurrent cough, then the parents should pay attention to the children to eat the food of the spleen and stomach, kidney, lungs, gas, specific methods are as follows:

    cold cough

    1. ginger + brown sugar + garlic


    suffering from a cold cold, drink warm ginger, brown sugar, water can play a very good therapeutic effect, if the child is also accompanied by cough, cooked with ginger, brown sugar water plus 2 to 3 garlic to cook over low heat 10 minutes, garlic chili cook off, so that the children before they agree to drink.

    steamed garlic water


    garlic 2 to 3, smash into the bowl, add half a bowl of water placed in a crystal sugar bowl stamped into the pot to steam the fire to boil, switch to a small steam 15 minutes. When the bowl of warm garlic water fed the child to drink, the garlic you can not eat. Usually 2 or 3 times a day, a small bowl. Garlic and warm, into the stomach, lung, and to treat cold, cough, kidney cough effect is very good, but easy, the children are willing to drink.

    grilled oranges

    oranges directly on a small fire roasted, and continue to flip, baked to black, orange peel and heat to emerge from the Orange. Slightly cooler one will be orange, stripped of orange peel, let the children eat the warm orange petals. Children can eat 2 or 3 at large orange, if it is a small contribution to orange, the child one can eat one. Best to eat together with the garlic water a day, 2 or 3 times. Orange and warm, role Huatanzhike. Ate a grilled orange sputum amount significantly reduced the antitussive effect is very obvious, and the children are willing to eat.

    4. sesame oil, ginger, scrambled eggs

    a teaspoon of sesame oil into the wok, the oil is hot, add ginger, a little oil over, then break into an egg and stir well. Children cold cough and physically weak cough, night to let the children eat once before going to sleep while it is hot to adhere to eat a few days, you can receive significant effect.

    5. pear + pepper + crystal sugar

    pears, washed, cross-sectional cut dredged intermediate nucleus, into the 20 pepper, 2 rock sugar, then pears in a bowl the good fight on the pot and steam for half an hour or so can be a Pears can be divided into two after eating. Steamed pepper rock sugar pear is very obvious effect on the treatment of cough and cold, but some kids do not like the taste of pepper, parents can choose.

    above treatment for the treatment of cough therapeutic side, and treatment in the application of these methods at the same time, parents should also pay attention to the following cold food can not allow children to eat: green beans, crab, clam, snail, snails, persimmons, grapefruit , bananas, kiwi fruit, sugar cane, watermelon, melon, bitter gourd, water chestnuts, arrowhead, kelp, laver, raw carrots, eggplant, Artemisia, lotus root, melon, sponge gourd, sweet potato and so on.

    wind-heat cough

    1 pear + rock sugar + Chuanbei

    pears rely on shank cross-sectional cut, dredged the intermediate nucleus into three rock sugar, 6 fritillary (Fritillaria want to crack into the end), the pear to fight the good fight into the bowl , on the pot and steam for about 30 minutes, twice for the baby to eat. This Fangyou Run the lungs, cough, phlegm. Because now baby is generally Tanliang, and hot blowing air, all year round, eat cold fruit, and so significantly reduce the risk of wind-heat cough baby.

    boiled radish water


    turnip, cut 4 to 5 thin slices, placed in a small pot, increase the bowl of water on the fire to boil, and then switch to heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Water cooler temperatures and then the baby to drink, this party treat wind-heat cough, dry nose and throat, cough with little phlegm effect is good, better received by less than 2 years old baby.

    3 can also give your baby eat the following foods:

    ① persimmon: sex Big Chill, to heat, phlegm, and cough. But the baby can only eat one, eat a lot of stomach will be uncomfortable.

    ② Watermelon: cold, can cure all the fever. Baby in the summer, such as suffering from a wind-heat cough, give him to eat watermelon.

    ③ loquat: cool nature, can lungs Huatanzhike. Suitable for the hot yellow purulent sputum, cough, spit your baby to eat.

    ④ water chestnuts: cold, water chestnuts, hydro and phlegm, heat. Take two to three water chestnuts, peeled, sliced, into the pot, add a bowl of water on the fire to burn for 5 minutes. This side of the heat cough spit Nong Tan.

    other have to eat melon simmer soup, fried gourd, fried lotus root, fried bitter gourd, etc., also play an elimination heat, remove the fire, cough effect. Spicy, easily lit food prohibited for human consumption, such as mutton, dog meat, fowl, fish, shrimp, jujube, longan flesh, lychees, walnut, chili, cherry, chrysalis.

    injuries cough

    injuries cough refers to long-term, repeated episodes of chronic cough. Or due to a fever-induced cough, although the symptoms of a fever has disappeared, but the cough has been no better. Repeated coughing baby due to the use of more anti-inflammatory drugs and cough medicines,nike dunks, poor appetite, loss of appetite, the tongue is almost white moss. Parents must first conditioning the baby's stomach and improve the baby's physical. Specific foods diet are as follows:

    cold cough therapeutic side are suitable for baby injuries cough taking.

    2. mountain ones

    yam, peeled, cut into small pieces into a food grinder, together with half a bowl of water yam processing into a thin paste. And then poured into the pot on the fire burning, while stirring constantly, boil the can. The best baby in the fasting food, a bowl of mountain ones do a good job can be divided into 2 or 3 times to feed your baby. Yam spleen and stomach, lungs gas, kidney essence, this is most suitable for infants and young children eat, not only can cough treatment of asthma, but also in children with anorexia, sweating, drooling, qi deficiency timid disease also have very good efficacy . Should be noted that, yam boiling time should not be too long, or contained amylase will break down, the loss of tonic effects.

    3. jujube + ginkgo

    This side for more than 2 years old baby food. Take three red dates, gingko three placed in the pot, plus a large bowl of water, fire for 10 minutes. Taking the baby every night before bed. Jujube and warm, qi qi, spleen and stomach; The ginkgo natured grabbing lung given cough and Gushen so the healing of some chronic cough, recurrent colds, cough, fever in children is very effect, but it also can treat enuresis. Should be noted that the amount of red dates and gingko must be controlled, limited to three, the amount will cause the baby to get angry, Qi stagnation.

    4. Walnut + sesame + dates + honey

    half a catty

    walnut, two black sesame seeds, red dates half a catty, crushed them in a large bowl Stir, then add a spoon of honey, 3 spoon of water (due to the honey difficult to stir evenly. so the first honey and water heated on the fire). Bowl stamped into the cauldron of steaming, switch to small and steam for 40 minutes after the fire to boil. Baby to eat a spoonful every morning and evening. This as the most suitable for children to take, not only can cure children with chronic cough, bronchitis, asthma, and constipation in children with very good results. This side if the long-term consumption can enhance your baby's physical fitness.

    pediatric cough massage

    shoot back

    infant does not spit, even if the sputum has been coughed up sputum only swallow the stomach. Parents in the baby cough, pick up the children, empty palm gently pat the baby's back, up and down photographed. If a photograph certain parts of the baby cough, baby sputum plot here, should focus on film. Most of the subscapular the site is the lung at the bottom of easy accumulation of phlegm. The baby will cough, sputum stimulus if there is mucus discharge, cough, can temporarily relieve. So, shoot back to play Kuanxiong gas, promote the role of the mucus discharge. Shot back the best in the baby just woke up or before going to sleep.

    2 for wind-heat cough, and accompanied by sore throat, inflammation of the tonsils baby foot massage.

    first upper and lower back and forth rubbing baby soles of the feet, each foot rub 30. Then each of the toes up and down massage for 20 to 40. Focus on massage foot big toe roots on both sides of the site, this site will be hurt, as long as the inflammation of the tonsils, and each foot massage 5 minutes. After the massage, baby sore throat symptoms will be significantly reduced.

    massage for the baby drink warm water, you can also drink a touch of salt water. Twice every day to massage your baby, coupled with the diet, the baby's illness will be healed quickly.

    children with cough attention to the

    the saying goes

    keep indoor air fresh and polluted air on the respiratory mucosa adverse stimulus (1), enable the respiratory mucosal congestion, edema, secretion of abnormal or aggravated cough can cause serious breathing symptoms. Therefore, in order to keep indoor air fresh, the kitchen fumes to be discharged, the parents can not be more at home puff over smoking. The time window ventilation.

    (2) timely change clothing, and many parents believe that children must be cold than adults, they often regardless of the season, regardless of indoor and outdoor, will cover their children too thick, the package is too demanding to keep the kids by a little cold, the result is to cause the body's ability to regulate, the lower the resistance.

    (3) to adjust the room temperature children cough often accompanied by fever, high room temperature is not conducive to body heat. Coolish, fresh air can make respiratory mucosa contraction, reduce the redness, swelling, maintain airway patency. But the temperature is too low, then it would digest the excessive absorption of nutrients for oxidation to produce energy to maintain body temperature, weakened resistance to disease, affecting the growth and development. The suitable temperature is 25-28 ° C, called the neutral temperature.

    under normal conditions it is difficult to maintain this temperature, but can be done at room temperature from becoming too high, too low. Appropriate switch doors and windows, avoid crowded room personnel, fans, heaters or air conditioning are simple measures.

    (4) room to maintain the proper humidity is too dry, the air moisture decline, mucous membranes dry, brittle, small blood vessels may rupture, the cilia movement is limited, sputum difficult to spit. Respiratory inflammation, the impact is more obvious. To maintain a certain indoor humidity is not difficult. Dry climate, can be commonly used wet mop, or on the floor,Coach Crossbody, sprinkle some water.

    (5) pay attention to diet regulate the saying goes, Chinese medicine believes that fish, crabs, shrimp and fat Hunxing, greasy food, may help wet phlegm, and some may also cause allergic reactions and aggravate the condition. Chili, pepper, ginger and other spicy products,nike shox clearance, have a stimulating effect on the respiratory tract, the cough, to be taken to avoid. Fresh vegetables such as green vegetables, carrots, tomatoes,Coach Op Art, etc., can supply a variety of vitamins and inorganic salts, conducive to the recovery of the body's metabolic function.

    (6) to ensure adequate sleep, muscle relaxation, reduce respond to external stimuli, reduced heartbeat, respiration, excretion, functional recovery and rehabilitation of diseases of various organs. Should try to make the child more than bed rest to ensure that the child enough sleep in order to facilitate the body's rehabilitation.

    , wife crazy about fruit, once on his way home and his wife, his wife buy several kilograms of apples to take home, I said do not buy at home than there are oranges. Wife retorted special choke: picked up, I laughed at him, said: >
    3, time to chat with one of the units of Big Brother, when it comes to singers, I asked him:

    4, to school, once the cost of living flowers overruns bedroom Bianxiang with Jacky borrow money, my classmates did not say by loaned, smiled at me.

    asked me: excited! bags, to ensure that you have not come to the trash, there is which one came forward to take over the garbage bags from your hands, even your hand carrying beverage bottles not drunk, he would grab approached to ask you: you go up in flames? Time I and a neighbor passing by their site, up one pointing to the neighbor hands yet soft drink bottle, asked: !

    cousin romance My wife and I went to her house to see her, she is angry, tear off one by one, over and over scraps of paper. I said: > 8, and a good friend to chat, it comes from the past now, sorry she was not hard to go to school, did not create a favorable environment for today's work.

    I sighed and said: The if Yede I have half a day is not up to gas children.

    9, a female student house party, when to eat her home on the wall hung a pair of straw sandals, so we asked about the origins of her soulful, said: through over the grass before his death, passed to me. feet the same? not small nephew in there gas honking, said: cutting board, a special cut fruits and vegetables, a special cut of meat, my wife always hard to tell, often cut meat cutting board to cut the fruit, I criticize her for not convinced, saying: times run out of clean.

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