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afsafsaa (aaaqqq222) wrote,
@ 2012-03-22 16:49:00
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    run wild when the personality
    Woman to run wild. But regardless of the woman's wild how men do not know from the men a woman has always been a tolerant attitude inclusive, this is a man of broad, because men were convinced that women, no matter how busy it is always that they want to get more men's favorite As a man, no reason why they point. Very hard man, so the man at the right time to sow Johnson,leather belts, although a baby is a woman's nature, but the man was hurt when women use to allow the men spoiled inclusive man,nike air presto, women pay for maternity gentle, spoiled man visible.
    woman is very comfortable, so women should be used sparingly to the extent of their wildly Although the variation of the wildly just like a baby, but for men more willing to include a spoiled woman and a woman wildly, often require the demeanor of the men to mobilize broad to tolerance, this man is hurt, even if the man appeared very unnecessary, in his heart the bitter wildly woman invisible.
    men, the spoiled sprinkle point Johnson, do not suppress the sky and laugh say bitter; women,nike dunks high, when you want to run wild little sprinkle some wild, do not indulge the Nose bridge angry eye that I like. Since thousands of years, a baby has been the nature of the woman, a woman not necessarily beautiful, but be sure to be spoiled, because a baby is a weapon to deal with a man powerful killer. Wildly been a man's problems, a wildly man, want to be very impressive reputation, it is idiotic, absurd things, especially a woman, a man talking about wildly, always hated the teeth, and fear to be avoided without and.
    However,nike shox clearance, if another way, let a man like a baby, a woman wildly. Not to mention unrealistic that argument,Coach Purses, in the era of all things are possible, not practical, not unrealistic. The fact is that women now run wild when the personality, and men like a baby when to relax.
    difference is that the man's spoiled only secretly to a woman's wildly always brazenly red.
    man like a baby because of the soft man, woman wildly because a woman is hard. The man's soft because women are aggressive, strong words, and women are literally defeat because the man recoiled.
    but spoiled men are not the losers in life or career, career and the pressures of life, men out in addition to alcohol and tobacco, but also should cry like a baby, this world is cruel, men are always beat have nowhere breathable, do not say that men do not cry easily pack of lies, long repressed make a man become more, not a man, although Uncle Andy shouted willing to believe that the outbreak of his artist career as a man twenty years. Men frustrated when a baby is not shameful, it is a childhood cute, a make a man return to the relaxation of the male domineering (Note: to relax rather than indulgence). The woman who men in the coquetry of the men showed the tired heart of innate maternal comfort of man to man to restore its former glory. And the unfeeling woman is always the man's spoiled do not think men like, how many men is because of this have no place to find the space freed depressed demoralized, and finally reduced in the political arena is no longer resurgence.
    wildly is not to explain the woman can leave a man of the existence of independent survival, in fact, a woman's wildly spoiled a variation, a woman has a baby a few thousand years, they found a baby killer and sometimes deal with a man has lost change the effectiveness of new means men do not buy it, so wildly on the natural woman to borrow and become a new weapon, savage, pungent, outrageous and so the performance of this new weapons, the performance of these methods in to some extent is very useful to deal with the diversification of the man means so that men sometimes do not know are from. Two thousand years ago, Confucius phrase

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