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fasfas (aaaqqq111) wrote,
@ 2012-04-05 16:58:00
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    forces to arrest. The two suspect

    Nanfang Daily (microblogging), news (reporter / Du Xiaotian) Shenzhen Polytechnic informants Ken for reporting the Longgang police station the suspect misplaced the issue reported by the media, has aroused hot.

    ultimately, Longgang Public Security Bureau informed that the police station misplaced the suspect police misconduct,gucci shoes, the survey results show that there is no evidence that the police exist to take bribes to release. Ken is suspicion of forgery, the sale of seal has been Longgang police criminal detention.

    the police report special circumstances staff), usually to public security departments to provide various types of counterfeiting, drug trafficking and other intelligence, and sometimes assist in investigating the cases uncovered after police reward.

    Ken told the media in August this year, he found through a mobile phone, text messaging and other ways to manufacture the criminal gang selling fake invoices. After a period of an extended stay, unannounced visits, and track down the courier company billing records, he mastered the running path of the gang, and immediately reported to the area of ​​Sandy Bay police station.

    on the morning of August 30, he led the case-handling teams civilian police to the manufacturing bases, was arrested a female suspect, the collection of the printer 2, false official seal invoice manufacture of a dozen, SMS group sending , the collection of more than 20,000 copies of the false invoices, all kinds of false more than 2000 kinds, all kinds of false official seal of nearly a thousand pieces, only the false invoice amount of money involved amounted to several hundred million.

    Ken thought they can get a lot of money rewards, unexpectedly, after a dozen hours, the female suspect a phone call, said they have to pay out from the police station, but she and the father of The booklet, identity cards lost in the police station, police found a long time did not find Ken to help recover.

    him immediately to the situation reported to the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, the next afternoon, Ken and brother went to Sandy Bay police station to be saying that the two director said the wrong people, and to ensure that and other things thoroughly investigated, as long as who takes the money, to deal with who.

    That night, Longgang Public Security Bureau informed that the female criminal suspects Qiumou own escape. Longgang Public Security Bureau of discipline inspection and supervision departments have been involved in the case for investigation.

    police said the report was not true

    after media exposure, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Commission for Discipline Inspection involved the investigation of the case, two police involved were suspended. Longgang Police said the suspect has fled to the province, Shenzhen city Public Security Bureau is organizing the elite forces to arrest. The two suspects police have been a criminal investigation.

    on the 3rd of this month, media reports said the Longgang police official said the suspect did the police let go, but it is not clear is misplaced or deliberately. Police insiders said that the relevant personnel,oakley sunglasses for sale, even without taking bribes, was also suspected of dereliction of duty, police station leadership responsibility can not shirk responsibility.

    The next day, Sandy Bay police station responded that people money, police station, and there is no problem to release a suspect is not illegal, just misplaced. , The Public Security Bureau of Longgang District Commission for Discipline Inspection twice met with Ken reported the details of the verification.

    on the 6th of this month, Longgang District People's Procuratorate, communications, Sandy Bay police station, allegedly charged 10 yuan commission put the person's situation, there is no evidence to substantiate. Sandy Bay police station duty police Liang Yijun did not lead referrals to report to duty that day, they mistakenly Qiumou release, dereliction of duty.

    on the 8th of this month, the Longgang police informed of the final results,replica rolex, saying the police station, dereliction of duty, but there is no evidence that the police exist to take bribes to release. In addition, the informants Ken In addition to fabricating police bribery, there are still posing as the families of police extortion, assault suspects, suspected fraud and other issues.

    suspected forged the sale of seal

    yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Longgang Public Security Bureau, Ken because of suspicion of forgery,christian louboutin shoes, the sale of seal, the Longgang police criminal detention, detained at the same time There are three other people.

    According to the police earlier this month, Longgang Public Security Bureau in the hunt for the suspect Qiumou phone card Zengmou to stolen, to the friends Yanmou use. Police find Yanmou the spot, seized the forged identity card, according to the account of Yanmou, is instigated by Zengmou. On April 2, Yanmou detained on criminal charges.

    police found printed Zengmou distribute a thousand copies of accreditation cards, an inducement to apply false, and in Phuket, Longhua, Shiyan, non-stop to report a suspicion of manufacturing and selling false, combat opponents.

    on the 22nd of this month, Zengmou and party associates, Lee, Yim and other three were captured, a number of false documents,gucci outlet, false seals and accreditation card was seized. The gang confessed to the facts of the crime of forgery, the sale of documented seal.

    the case is still under further investigation.


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