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fasfas (aaaqqq111) wrote,
@ 2012-04-05 16:58:00
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    since November 2010, the Riverside
    The ▲ comic / hook

    to professional Drug counterfeiting high King Tak opinion, the food and drug supervision and administration department has been solid and reliable allies. Hangzhou Food and Drug Administration Riverside Branch reported for the high King Tak's counterfeit After two years, ample evidence, but to pull strings and selling those with the whistleblower compounding, and the official seal to bear witness.


    urge the pharmaceutical sector as soon as possible to its report two years ago on June 23 this year,louis vuitton sale, who lives in Shanghai's high King Tak made a special trip to the Riverside Branch of Hangzhou Food and Drug Administration. However, he did not expect: the staff in charge of the matter but to call to call to selling fake products, and the drafting of an

    this Reparations account the shop to the Gao Jingde compensation to buy product 10 times the price of 1200 yuan; High King Tak receive a reward of 4300 yuan; High King Tak to give up, including complaints and reports,ray ban sunglasses, litigation, administrative reconsideration, to various forms of media exposure, including the present case, the accountability of Dragon care stores and the responsibility of the pharmaceutical sector. In addition to the signature of the High King Tak and selling fake institutions in the advisory opinion on the agreement of the Riverside Branch stamped the seal

    King Tak said, the agreement is to knock out on the computer staff of the Food and Drug Administration. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical sector also requires the signing of an advisory opinion to give up all rights to hold the responsibility of the pharmaceutical sector. Subsequently, the Dragon health food stores to pay him 1200 yuan of reparations and the pharmaceutical sector pay 4300 yuan reward fee.

    Riverside Branch Secretary Mo Qing Lan, said in an interview that the branch is indeed the superstructure in this advisory opinion She acknowledged that $ 4300 is paid by the health food stores, but written as As for the agreement, why is drafted by the staff is Statements to give up the responsibility to hold pharmaceutical sector, the high King Tak and the requirements of the health food stores.


    fact, as early as May 15, the reporter had witnessed the first call of a section chief of the High King Tak and Riverside Drug Administration. King Tak said, the section chief told his bureau recognized the value of the case is about 20,000 yuan and told him that selling counterfeit drugs come together to resolve, the case settled. High King Tak after hanging up the phone after one hundred baffled, When she was from beginning to end think the seal and witness the practice of the defect, but only the staff,

    two years is not closed, is not as difficult place or law enforcement?

    43-year-old high King Tak, a pharmaceutical company in Shanghai, serving time, he accidentally taking the fake drugs cause serious allergic reactions, then took to the road of professional counterfeiting. Arab Viagra

    in November and December 2009, the high King Tak on six occasions to the pharmaceutical sector reported sales of Dragon health supplies store located in Hangzhou Tiancheng Road, Australian Kangaroo, Singin pill, flies, water, impotence, premature ejaculation nemesis and other health care products suspected of non-posing as drug sales. Subsequently, the pharmaceutical sector in November 20 and December 2, on-site uncovered more than five products, and advanced registration and preservation. In tune to see the copy of the five product packaging, the reporter found five almost can be seen with the naked eye, is a violation of the relevant provisions of the State of counterfeit products in question.

    However, the high King Tak thereafter repeatedly urged the inquiry, but it has not received the outcome of the pharmaceutical sector. Riverside Drug Administration's reply is: very difficult, and their approval and management involves a number of departments of quality supervision, industry and commerce, health, to verify the workload is very, very large. Table reporter saw, as early as late March 2010, the pharmaceutical sector had been completed case investigation and evidence collection and investigation of the end of the report. But after that, the qualitative reason is not sufficient evidence of the case. Mo Qing Lan said .

    since November 2010, the Riverside Branch continues to receive a test report issued by the Inspection Bureau of Hangzhou,coach outlet, to confirm Apart from the flies water, the remaining four products were detected to contain sildenafil, and his up to that non-illicit drugs. The same time, the Food and Drug Administration in the city of Lhasa reply letter said,replica rolex, the water flies and impotence, premature ejaculation nemesis two products identified by manufacturers and lot numbers does not exist.

    Yu Yongming, director of the Office of

    Hangzhou Food and Drug Administration, told reporters that the State Food and Drug Administration in May 2010 carried out a two-year this file will be supporting the introduction of these specious products included in the scope of the regulation. the case. In May 2011, the high King Tak was told at a convenient time to Hangzhou and health food stores

    Since then, the reporters on several occasions to follow the high King Tak to the area unannounced visits, and many times to buy a similar counterfeit. Even have formal Food and Drug Administration issued a formal pharmacy drug sales license, the title of Non ingredients.

    management as defined in difficult supervision into four regardless of

    reporter's investigation, causing the provincial and municipal levels and Drug Administration department attaches great importance to the matter. Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration Deputy Secretary for Wu Ning a statement said, whether it is only City Food and Drug Administration investigation. City Food and Drug Administration made it clear that the Commission for Discipline Inspection has to intervene and carry out investigations, the results came out, will give the media, the parties and the parties of the public a satisfactory explanation and answer. At the same time, the attention of higher authorities, the Riverside and Drug Administration has recently issued to the actual manager of Dragon's health food stores punishment hearing notice.

    crackdown by the allies of the pharmaceutical sector. The complaints are about 100 cases, law enforcement officers from these clues which found a number of major cases. He acknowledged that the High King Tak reported this type of fake drugs situation is relatively common, in view of the particularity and complexity of such products in the management and defined,oakley sunglasses for sale, pharmaceutical sector there are still many problems in the enforcement process.

    The first is the lack of laws and regulations. The long delay in the introduction of the implementing regulations on the management of health care products, similar health care products should approval, how to produce, how to regulate is not clearly defined, leading to unclear responsibilities between departments, poor supervision, law enforcement lack a strong basis.

    segmented supervision, has also led to the current relevant law enforcement body is not clear enough. the borders of the sector supervision to be abused and lead to the inspection of the relevant departments and a lot of difficulty. According to the Xinhua electricity

    welcome to comment I want to comment

    microblogging recommended | today's micro- Bo hot (edit: SN009)

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