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fasfas (aaaqqq111) wrote,
@ 2012-03-20 14:37:00
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    cherish a sincere we are fortunat
    Climb love
    Bayu mountain, Hill Deep risks. Jiangjin in the town, 30 km south travel,Puma Michael Schumacher, we go to a call the Banpo head of the alpine pilgrimage, a pilgrimage of love mm one moved more than a billion people in the whole of China sealed 50 year love story in that mountain, out of the deep from the years, this enduring romance already stand as a towering love and faith, so that we revere.
    30 km of mountain road, full of gravel hardly open to traffic, we pack the van all the way to shake, almost to my neck and shake off the Sichuan mountain rolling, vast infinity, often trance I think our car is like driving a boat in the ocean of the mountain. helpless.
    further south, the mountain has become increasingly steep, gradually, did not see the terraced fields and crops, did not see the others scattered on the hillside, from time to time to reveal the red and brown rock formations on the mountain, it is said this is since at least 60 million years Danxia accompany us along the way dragon river and sometimes bare it rock Lengzeng, riverbed, all inaccessible mountains hinterland.
    year, 20-year-old The Liu Guojiang with his beloved woman and four children, in order to avoid gossip, to love one not subject to secular disturb the peace and quiet by night fled into the mountains that get as far as possible, the farther away from the crowd pull off a good mood a little bit in my heart recovery, each step forward, I became more and more clearly and truly have the experience. my mind constantly playing the same scene: men and women for one another, carrying, holding young children, her hand holding as much as possible to take the lives of supplies and food, Hill Road, walked along the dark to go hh
    Liu Guojiang and Xu Zhaoqing story is today's networks, media shaking Max Planck Institute signs break out, the reason to give the story to put on the coat of the fashion of the Max Planck Institute, is probably because the media lack of confidence in this story touched people, the fast-food era, who wants to slowly Tasting 50 years of brewing love wine? five years, there is no extra-marital affairs, no scandal, no big shake-up of substances, without thinking of a revolving door, deep in the mountains of daily life, even the off-season, each carrying iron solder hammer and chisel in stone on the stairs, on the precipice with soil, wood, building ladder, homely labor and ten poor Jiedi Lian, and similar to elope like to flee, gave this story smear layer of immorality color, it seems that this color to attract the public eye., even today, this love story not seem to be alternative, not to mention almost 50 years ago as an ideological suffered clamp, personality repressed era. in an enclosed behind a small mountain village, they can be imagined to bear what kind of spirit to suppress.
    to go any further, in front of the mountain is the Banpo head. across a single-plank bridge in the dragon on the river, is a piece of original Cyathea forest, jungle set off a leaf mold twigs covering the muddy trails through the depths of the mountains .50 years ago that men and women Tuoerdainv difficult to arrive here, the afternoon, they did not dare stop, continue to mountain climbing. tired, there is nothing, I just want to know at the time they are afraid? said that the only beast to take the path of the road leading to the top of the hill, they have not thought about waiting for them on the top of the hill is? with the world cut off from the happiness of life, or Tiger Balm beast lurking around, or deprivation hardship?
    today uphill stepping Liu Guojiang 50 years, with more than 20 root soldering iron about what carved the love ladder ladder hanging in the cliffs above the clouds,Puma Baylee Trionfo Low, to keep the traces of artificial chisels on the stone steps, there is careful hand he carved in the cliff broke off the nest. ladder road less than a foot wide, there are several places almost vertical slope, up to need hands and feet. year, there is no ladder, how Tuoerdainv climb this mountain? how to overcome the fear? this road for them both a way out In fact, most likely is dead end, I think, a better life, of course, will support them, but in the face full of dangerous and uncertain future, they realize the kind of despair? I can not help but speculate They were state of mind. climb up, origin is the cliff, so can not go back, they answered the desperate must be such a decisive and consistent, that is to die for love's determination? I can not help but sigh.
    Ladder 6000 steps, my heart is full of respect for the elderly, he was an ordinary peasant, but he is also a miracle! before coming here, I heard that Liu Guojiang elderly passed away three months ago, we went to him grave to pay respects to the elderly, the heart of a dignified, so this pilgrimage of love and add content, that is, the elderly mourning.
    three months ago It is southern China suffered a rare snowstorm that period days, here is the disaster area, still everywhere visible snow pressure folded bamboo. elderly onset day of the next freezing rain, 3:00, the elderly, as usual, to get up to go to see the crops, because the middle of the night where monkeys boar and other wild animals often come to steal food, home, he suddenly stumble. is Xu Zhaoqing first solo down the icy dark rainy night, the 80-year-old woman from the cliffs on the stone steps down the mountain, bent frantically to save his lover. good insurance ah! However, a loved woman of a lifetime , and finally to return the love the urgency with their lives, I truly feel moved, but also how?
    remember this song: I want to take you to fly to heaven. a happy life! > love ladder is not legendary, not calling, but with people who love a lifelong dedication cast Banpo head Peak on
    the Garden of Eden , a hut of mud walls, perched between the mountains, flow through the Qing Ling Ling creek in front of the house, around the house is the reclamation of the vegetable crops, Agrocybe the ganzi tree, the hillside in front of the house and behind the house there beehive standing watch, although isolated from the modern civilization, the top of the hill is still no electricity, but life in the Garden of Eden except that faint ladder also allows you to remember the Red Office, really have emerged this world, just like the fairy home.
    Liu Guojiang old people died, two elderly men plow women weave,nike dunks, loving husband and wife living picture has been hard to see still in grief, in the pig pen is gone, radish flowers defeat, lettuce long crazy hh Bazi on a stone mill still skirting the rake farm implements still gurgling stream behind the house from the mountains led to the spring, Yan Qian cotton do not know when the sun has not had time to recover hh enjoyable for the pastoral life as if instant Lost Souls, has become the specimen. It is said that the the Jiangjin municipal government plans to invest a sum of money, here playing here will also be true specimen of love, or love model a real-life story came to a close, loving to white, but not forever, life is short, how can we not cherish a sincere we are fortunate to have!
    us a sense to sit down in front of the house, imagine the ; maid sitting in front of the sewing, ; Dig wild vegetables; night, maid under the watchful eye of the gentle, brick and stone, a clay tile construction of a small Garden of Eden, is under the care of God, labor day, raise a family if there is a God, I believe that God wants him of people like this.
    someone said that they had the original life of the slash and burn, this is true. want the night to escape when they brought four children into the mountains, it is impossible to bring many things to reach the distance recent Changle bazaar to walk for more than four hours, they had no money, can not always go to the market. One can imagine a life almost from scratch, all depend on your hands! the beginning of the They eat no dishes, cooking shovel you have a knife? sleep bed mats? unimaginable difficulties.
    you see thatched houses was washed away by rain, Liu Guojiang with the whole family to kilometers away, back mud cove, a person back a year,nike air presto, he then built with stones brothel own bush-burning, burned, This has been a family shelter, tile-roofed house.
    also they gave birth to four children in the mountains are the father Liu Guojiang own to midwives in addition to the occurrence of a child accidentally died, they pull of the two hands raised seven children.
    before hh
    to see two old photos and TV series, the most memorable Xu Zhaoqing elderly smile, old people love to laugh, smile even overflowing with girls like the shy and sweet. eaten so many hard to imagine in the mountains the bitterness of the elderly, even to retain such a natural smile, to talk about the past, his face full of sweet, and the Longmen Zhen was placed before the mountains not to mention hide their faces crying here the secret of my feeling! friends online read the story of two elderly people, only to one comment:

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