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fasfas (aaaqqq111) wrote,
@ 2012-03-17 10:09:00
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    its sentiment its charm, in order
    With the increasing of people's material living standards, a variety of instrumental music in piano, violin, accordion,gucci indy, keyboard, etc. into the homes of ordinary people. Parents holding the earnest expectation to buy musical instruments for kids, teachers, wind and rain with unobstructed Strip children go to school, home she must sparring. I am an early childhood teacher, learned a little vocal, dance and organ in the three years of the last kindergarten teachers, be considered to understand a little fur, usually prefer to sing, the natural also hope that the daughter will be a good manners and sophistication of the girls, so I also chose to let his daughter piano,gucci outlet, in which the process, as parents should play what role, how to do it? below purpose and meaning to talk about my experience as a mother of a piano.
    a clear piano
    my children learn too early from the eight-year-old began to learn, including a detour at now until September of last year's Wang's study under the child piano is both full of hope, and not unduly high expectations, unlike some parents that children practicing the development of intelligence: 1; can capture high self-confidence; 3 to balance the brain development, cultivate patience; future employment is good, in fact, the world can there be such a serve multiple purposes, not to mention piano it, practicing it is different from school, classroom teaching, teaching in schools stage and the piano a long time, the stage is not obvious. it is spent year after year, day after day, tired and hard, the children feel successful and joy I'm afraid not much, then the purpose of child piano? many children may think that it is the parents that their school my school; as a family do? how should we guide children to recognize this problem? I often said to her daughter, studied music Gai child clever, because the music has a different style, there is sadness, joy; cheerful and soothing. only through your piano in order to appreciate its sentiment its charm, in order to cultivate the mind, improve your quality of life the realm of life. only clear the purpose of child piano, the correct state of mind, difficulties in the process of child piano, parents can be a rational analysis, not in haste, not impulsive.
    cultivate the interest of the terrace child < br> let alone a child to understand the meaning and importance of learning is in vain to interest in learning is the most fundamental driving force, to cultivate an interest key to small to give them to create a musical influence of the environment, children learn to listen,Gucci Belts, learn to sing , learn to dance,Gucci Abbey, music, sound art and the art of hearing parents of small children to listen more, to sing, to encourage children to listen and hum, parents continue to improve the cultivation of music, or listening to music and children, for example : I bought a plate of Liu Tianhua erhu solo, play back, I let her daughter and I to enjoy together, let her own feelings stirring a strong voice and the sad pathos of the melody, which will undoubtedly stimulate children's curiosity and interest In addition, psychologically, can arouse her learning expectations: in the usual piano, but also to make her feel that the piano is not particularly difficult, as long as you pay efforts can play as well, you will be playing in the will be popular class, the teacher knowledge you take will be proud of you play the piano, these are easy to make the child learn to look forward to, rather than make piano as only parents wishful situation
    three just piano the counseling children practicing
    children the right way when I am sparring, because it is her understanding is limited, and now my daughter is 10 years old ability to identify spectrum in the class is learning Civic members, I no longer sparring, but act as a viewer, a reminder if she was trained well, I would say: better listened to, and then bomb listen to my mother. fifty times or a hundred times. the saying goes: Nothing is difficult for a willing heart. you today to be a caring that is done, to tell her mother, my mother waiting for the news of your victory. we do the parents want to be good at encouraging Do not use blame child Therefore, parents play a crucial role, parents should continue to improve their own musicianship to play an active role, I believe that children will be successful!

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