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fasfas (aaaqqq111) wrote,
@ 2012-03-03 08:45:00
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    establishment of a can, and customer
    developed many effective new customers every month. sales have been much improved. So, how to successfully come to visit it?
    successful visit image
    The plan saves time and effort! inevitably there is a little wary of each other, is not easy to relax and feel so marketers should pay special attention we leave other people's first impression, and the successful visit of the image can help you find the road to success.
    external image: clothing, appearance, conversation have sought to natural behavior and even emotes, you can maintain a good image.
    to control their emotions: negative emotions affect the success of the enemy of, we have to learn how to remotely control their emotions.
    compatibility relations: Clear customer psychological barriers , to establish the relationship of hit it off on the establishment of a can, and customer communication bridge
    sincere attitude: from the psychological, only to do the cornerstone of the marketing staff in the visit of the customer, it is necessary to lay a good foundation for success. the
    plan prepared
    1) Scheme Objective: To come to visit our sales model is a continuous aim is to sell your and corporate culture rather than products.
    2) the scheduled task: marketing the first task is to telephone communication situation, the customer personality preliminary analysis, the selected entry point of communication, the number of plans to sell products, it is best to call, send the letter,Coach Op Art, to communicate one-stop service.
    3) the planned route: the route a good plan visits, system access plan! The customer today is a continuation of yesterday customers visit, but also a starting point for customers to visit tomorrow. sales staff to do the road rules, the unified arrangement of the rational use of time and improve call efficiency. < br> 4) Project opening: how the door is the biggest problem we encounter, good beginning is half the battle, and can grasp the opportunities of 75%.
    external ready
    1) Instrument preparation: people meets the eye personal image to show the customer the brand image and corporate image. best performance wear company uniforms, making customers feel the company is very formal, good corporate culture. the
    men, wearing the company uniform coat, wearing the company uniform tie, wearing dark trousers, black flat shoes, to avoid the problem of long hair, dyeing hair, do not wear any jewelry.
    Ms. wearing the company uniform coat, wearing the company uniform tie, wearing a dark West pants or skirt, black shoes, to avoid dissemination, hair color, hairstyle, do not wear any jewelry.
    2) data preparation: and organize the information into the brain, as the information you can to others, can also refer to the information as a salesman, not only to potential customers, such as each other's character, education background, the standard of living, hobbies, social range, habits, hobbies, and his good friend's name, but also understand each other proud or distress, such as the new house, get married, blessed with a child, the children of the university entrance exam, or stress, economic strain, full of stress, insomnia, poor health, etc. In short, the more you understand, the easier it is to determine an optimal way to talk with customers. we must strive to master the activity data, company information, the same industry information
    3) tools ready: combat weapons of the Taiwan business community to spread the word tools to reduce labor costs by 50%, 10% success rate, 100% of merchantable quality and sales tools including product brochures, corporate promotional materials, business cards,coach outlet, calculator, notebook, pens, price lists, promotional goods.
    4) Time to prepare: If the customer appointment time in advance should arrive on time, add some pressure to prematurely give customers, to the party's over to the customer to convey the information also let the customer to generate distrust, it is best to advance 5-7 minutes and do the door preparation.
    internal to
    1) confidence to prepare: Facts have proved that the psychological quality of the marketing staff to determine success and whether the important reasons, highlighting the most superior personality, to cute, but also to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.
    2) knowledge ready: come to visit is the warm-up activities in the pre-sales activities, this stage is the most important to create opportunities, create opportunities for the method is proposed to the other topic of concern.
    3) to refuse to prepare: the majority of customers are friendly, and to think of another angle, usually in the early stages of contact with strangers, everyone instinctively resistance and protection of their own methods to find an excuse to refuse you nothing, not really hate you.
    4) smile ready: pay attention to the management of human management, if you want others to treat you, you should first treat others
    many people always envied those successful that they are always so lucky, and always unfortunate. proved to mm good luck is good luck preference for honest and passionate person < br> home visits ten-minute rule
    began ten minutes: We have no communication between the customer and have never met before, but to meet one-third situation! ten minutes mainly to eliminate the strangeness of a communication. the
    emphasis ten minutes: to become familiar with customer needs and natural transition to the conversation focus, do not superfluous over ten minutes in order to avoid customer wariness. mainly based on this ten minutes emotional communication and understanding whether the customer is our target customer.
    : In order to avoid customer led to repeated home visits to fail to leave ten minutes, we had better leave the customer home in the focus of conversation minutes. suspense left to the customer, so that the activity an interest.
    second step mm determine Those door
    good book does not choose the pen, good cooking, do not choose m will blame the marketing tool is not good or goods usually only a cat with three legs of the effort will not a big achievement.
    knock on the door: the door before they press the doorbell or knock on the door, and then standing in the doorway waiting for the knock on the door to three appropriate, sound, rhythm but not too heavy. surgery of
    if: XX uncle at home? generous! while avoiding arrogance, confusion, servile, cold, whatever bad attitude.
    Note: the overall standard of strict life style on behalf of companies and individuals, do not let changing his shoes, umbrellas and other small details of the big things. < br> The third step mm praise observe
    home visits will have a diverse customer base, the cognitive view of each customer and the level of education is different, but there is one thing to emphasize mm customers of the service, not only to accept the customers of the marketing staff to sell products and services, customer demand, just choose which one brand of product or service difference
    praise: everyone likes to listen to good words to be flattery, is called mm color mm the temperament mm wearing
    level: Praise be divided into direct praise (aunt you look really young), indirect praise (aunt, that photo of the wall is your son looks so handsome, must be an intellectual, believe aunt must be the educational well-mother.) deep praise (aunt, you do look kind, like my mother good, moderate) and three levels, the subject of praise is sincere, praise the enemy of false.
    observe examples: Reference (1) If the customer home decoration is beautiful, very large area of ​​housing, the home is very clean, there is a babysitter, you can determine who the customer is a rich, marketers can fully to its communication.
    , (2) If the customer home decorative general, the housing is small, the ground is not clean, several children and their living together, can fully explain the customer is not a rich man, marketers appropriate focus on the key communication.
    (3) If the customer housing decoration is decorated with an ancient culture, the customer is a great accomplishment and high-quality, rich culture and marketing staff fully with communication.
    observation: you stand a people in front of when these families of people kind of home feeling, this feeling is called the taste is not through your mouth to taste, but to observe with your eyes! by our observation to understand the customer's identity, status, hobbies, etc., in order to sure if that is the target customer.
    observation of six elements: the front of the cleaning entrance shoes emissions, furniture renovation status of hobby status of family members and the uncertain extent of the atmosphere, pets, flowers, birds, paintings and other debris placed in the situation of the house.
    Note: Praise is a very good communication, but not exaggerated praise and exaggerated praise can only give a bad impression. such as:
    marketers make money by mouth, all good sales people have a sharp tongue, but the customer does not speak, fairy difficult to start. particularly important to effective questioning it!
    1, the question of the purpose is to understand our customers through our communication is not what we want to find the target customer. (marketers' questions must focus on hard to prepare to meet the initial of 15m45 seconds of opening questions.
    mm, find the topic of the eight skills.
    3, find the topic of eight kinds of skills:
    mm, instrumentation, clothing: Where did you buy? home: mm family, children: . really want to> mm, interests, hobbies: recently to do an old University, which sing this course, I do not know aunt interested in participating?
    4, home visits, questions to win the trick:
    mm, let they like each other further questions, close to each other , respect each other.
    mm, as much as possible to each other's position to ask questions, pay attention to each other's eyes when talking.
    mm, specific issues can show your professional identity, from small and large,Coach Latest, by the easy and difficult to ask some leading questions .
    mm asked to choose the customer decides to help hesitant. mm, first
    question the other known to improve the professional values, and then guide the sexual question each other unknown problems.
    mm, do not off as inaccessible, if we want to be successful meeting of the marketers must learn to ask the customer concern.
    fifth step mm listen promote
    dormant only to Xiongfei, God has given us a mouth two eyes and two ears, that is, tell us in order to succeed, we must talk less and listen more, see more
    1, listen carefully to further understand the basic situation of the customer and consumer psychology, demand, hole investigation the real objection reasons. chat, seeking resonance point with customers, talking to grasp the principle of the frequency of the customer, the customer was an resonance effect of the opportunity to learn more about the family background of the customer in a timely manner has added a personalized customer file.
    2, tell the customer to listen to the answers to quiz told to actively participate at the conference, winning the prize, typical customer can determine some of the topics in advance, then arrange the answer and cleverly leads to speak at the meeting to inform each other, rare opportunity to highlight their sense of honor, suggesting it with the cash to participants.
    , patience, detailed for each customers to introduce some of the company, the product mechanism, site of preferential policies, select the appropriate entry points match up, to reflect the flexible, sweet voice, and to seize the essence of the content to guide the customer's desire to buy.
    hesitation new customers, not too much emphasis on the product, should be to promote health knowledge as a focus.
    5, for some yet to be determined to customers, do not forcibly, this heat yet to come, you can be cool for a while, and communication or as a general customers pay a return visit for the next invite. the
    Step 6 mm to overcome the objection
    1 overcome objections psychological: the modern man must learn how to deal with the psychological objections, so that the heart be prepared to understand the root cause of psychological objection to the existence
    2, of the objection as a driving force: the top salespeople understand the customer refused the reaction should not do not accept the products and services, but a brief hesitation.
    3, do not let the customer tell the objection: good at customer's feelings, control conversations atmosphere, the customer will be as you want,Coach Handbags, do not refuse to say it.
    4, changing the subject: encounter objections to avoid blindly pursued that allow customers to boredom, can be used to change the subject temporarily avoid the tension space
    5, the use of appropriate body language: casual touch customers will attract the attention of customers, hypnosis will also play a role well to overcome the objection.
    6, one by one break: Customer groups of two or more persons, you can use separately to overcome the objection.
    7, the same position: customer on the same side should never argue with the customer, otherwise you win or lose, will cause the transaction to fail.
    8, to establish an expert image: Student teachers rarely questioned, the patient doctors rarely questioned, the customer will not reject the expert.
    Step Seven mm to determine reached
    Why sell the same product, business representatives, and results of a huge difference? why the top 20 marketing staff is always completed 80 percent of sales? The answer is simple: they used victorious transaction skills, but to reach the ultimate goal is not the last step.
    seize the turnover time: sometimes through behavior, conversation can be revealed the signal of customer transactions, to seize these signals to seize the opportunity of the transaction .
    turnover reached way:
    , inviting transaction: aunt certainly and you feel the same! do not go to the venue consulting diabetes are so serious! ! the world's only customer the most important, no customers what not! even the best sales techniques to no avail.
    : initial home visits should not be too long, the general control within 20-30 minutes.
    observation: according to the prevailing situation, careful observation, such as customers frequently look at the table, often drink plenty of water, such action should be timely to thank leave.
    condensed: the old saying superfluous said, is to remind that we make it clear that things Do not too much modification. sincere
    : false things will not last long, to be a sincere person! allow customers to always remember you with sincere praise

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