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aaron carter (a_pac_carter) wrote,
@ 2003-06-17 17:23:00
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    New icons made by lovely Angel ::smiles::
    Thanks darl. I want a layout like hers it's awesome. Angel could you make Amanda some icons?
    Also have you seen Angel's icon with the twin's that's awesome. It's better then mine, Cas' i can't make icons. How sad i'm i? i'm listening Sugar myself.......River and River's are layed beside me in the bouncer chair....And their wearing some of the clothes Nick bought them Thanks again bro..All my family are so supportive. My tounge is swallon i get hardly talk......::tries to talk:: Nope i can't. Help me figure out the difference.........::Laughs:: I want Angel to come and stay at my place. Amanda's out shopping with Rosie and Caitlin....I don't know what their gonna buy probably shit. This isn't gonna be as long as the last one cas' i know no-one will read it! So i'm gonna go give the twins a bath.....Yeah their staying again so Amanda she's decided she's gonna move in ::grins:: I can't wait tomorrow we're gonna move all her stuff. I alway's thought i would move in with Angel i though we'd never be separated i guess i was wrong i haven't talk or seen her for ages i miss her. I've switched cd's i'm now listening to my girls Play hopelessly devoted.
    ::goes and gives the twins a bath and then comes back:: Twins are all clean ::smiles:: I'm such a good daddy.
    I wish i could say the same for my dad where is he? ::looks around:: I'm gonna sing for you.

    My love is strong and sweet
    and i'll know you'll never get tried of me
    oh baby!

    Mmmm i don't know the word's! I'm not Chris.....Oh yes i will im gonna make you love me...I sung that to Amanda the other day she just laughed at me. I am a prat though, This Poem is for Angel i just made it up right here right now. I think It's a song.

    Your my sister i've known you for a long time,
    I don't think i remember a single sentence or a mime
    I need you here to watch over me
    cas' you my big sister you see.
    God would'nt of let you be here
    If he knew you was just gonna shed all tose tears
    I miss you everyday and everynight
    I just wish you would stay here by my side.
    Just because your my blood and sister

    Mmmmm Pretty shitty i'll make a better one next time ::yawns::
    Well i'm gonna put the twins down to sleep and i'll take a nap.

    Spam me people!

    See ya

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