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aaron carter (a_pac_carter) wrote,
@ 2003-06-14 13:33:00
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    Well, The babies and Amanda came out lastnight, The Doctor's advised her to stay in the hospital but Amanda didn't want to. Rosie broke it off with me.....She said my heart is already taken....I didn't know who she was on about at first but then i clicked on....Amanda. Rosie still want's to be close friends so we can tell eachother secrets and stuff, That's fine with me....Totally fine, I called Mom lastnight........Where the hell was Angel? I asked to speak to her first.......You dumb ass Angel!!!! I'm banding you from the sugar bowl.
    Well This was our convo:

    Mom: Hello Carter resisident's?
    Me: Hey Mom it's Aaron Is Angel there please?
    Mom: Is that all you called for...To speak to Angel i'm your mother, Iv'e missed you....Your 15! And your not home with your parent's and family.....
    Me: Mom! This is why i left your alway's on my case....Is Angel there or not?
    Mom: No she's not......When are you coming to see us?
    Me: Soon....But i have to tell you Amanda's had the twins....
    Mom: When? Oh my why didn't you tell us earlier?
    Me: She had them yesterday early hours.......And to many people was in the ward anyway.
    Mom: When their ready to go out bring them to see us.....I'm a grandma now......Your dad's a grandad to three children now.....Hold on! ::mom speaking to Leslie:: Amanda's had the twins!
    ::leslie shouting down the phone:: Leslie: Your joking? Congradulation's Aaron your a daddy
    Mom: I'm so happy for you son.
    Me: You wasn't to happy when you found about me and Amanda....What's changed your mind?
    Mom: Angel's talked to me since you've been gone..... .Twin's alway's stick up for eachother...Remember that!
    Me: I will....River and River's will be happy to come and see you and dad......Oh and i got my tounge periced.
    Mom: What? Aaron why did you do that?
    Me: Angel told me too!
    Mom: uh huh and pig's can fly.
    Me: ::laughs:: Ok Mom i've gotta go and get a shower
    Mom: Ok but don't let Amanda rule you and leave you with the babies.
    Me: Mom me and Amanda are fine....She wont do that. Love ya. Bye.
    Mom: Bye darl.

    ::hangs up::

    Yeah that was all before Amanda Came home. I went round to Amanda's we talked alot while her whole family smovered the twins. I asked her to move in with me.....She said she doesn't know yet....She need's time and her family's help with the babies....I said my family will be glad to help us....But she say's she doesn't want to be cheeky..... She's Not is she Angel and Nick?
    I miss Leslie and Bobbie Jean ::pout's:: I need my sister's and mommy.
    I'm gonna go and find a cot for the twins later on the net.....And other stuff....I just can't beleive i'm a Dad....Sanme as Angel really...she can't beleive she's a auntie....Well that's the Carter's for you.
    No here are some shout out's.

    Angel: Thanks for being the best sister ever! i'm sorry i haven't been around much.....Maybe i coulda stop you from eating that sugar....You'll be hyper for weeks. But your my twin i count on you all the time i love you. And word's can't explain how much.

    Amanda: Thanks for giving birth to the twin's.....I love you and you know i do and i wanna be with you and the twins......Please....You have just been the greatest girlfriend ever you have looked after gave up everything for me and i threw it back in your face and i'm sooo sorry for that.....I want you to become a Carter!

    Twins: Well I know you can't read this.....But Daddy loves you and Your both gonna be stars!

    Rosie: Ro Ro ::pout's:: You know i love you......And you were right about my heart and stuff....Thanks for telling me i would'nt of agreed.....Best Bud's k?

    Chelsea: Dude! I want your autograpgh ::cracks up:: Come and see the babies Chels we love you!

    Hilary: Hey Hil....Sup? I don't know aht to say...I haven't really spoke to you...But i know what's on your mind ;)

    Justin: You friggin Loser jk! Your the man JT who's the man? JT's the man!
    Sup? Ma Pimp?

    Christina: Chrissy you are the bomb seriously....You have the perfect ass....Soz Justin it's true!
    And nice breats ::laughs:: And Chrissy you can't have me anymore ::cracks up:: I'm A daddy i know you wanted me jk!

    Britney and Chase: Well I don't know you two that well but i keep track on journals and stuff......Good luck with your relationship...Hope it works out...Britney is well worth the hassel Chase!

    Nick: Dude answer you phone.

    Mary-Kate and Ashley: Happy Birthday for Yesterday!.....I wanted to say it again...17 now! What are you gonna do?

    Anyone else i missed I love you more..........You all Rock.


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