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aaron carter (a_pac_carter) wrote,
@ 2003-07-10 16:26:00
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    Me and Rosie had a fab time lastnight, She stayed at my place and we spent time with the twins, The twins were fine, We watched movies and stuff, I know the twins can't see yet! But they can hear...This morning i was practicing my vocals before the twins woke up. They actually had a sleep in! Thats amazing...I thought they were gonna be up before me and Rosie, Rosie left about an hour ago. Tonight Rosie's staying and so's Frankie lol...It's gonna be a sleep over with three people! I would invite more...But i haven't spoke to anyone.
    I don;t know if Hilary's still pissed, Maybe she is i understand why, A girl can't get over how sexy i am ::laughs:: And i'm so good in bed....Ask Amanda and Hilary....Oh yeah and Hilary said i was a whore! I've only slept with two people Amanda and Hilary..Big deal two people. Hey, I watched a VH1 thing yesterday and it was 50 greatest U.S teen idols. I wan't in it! Mary-Kate and Ashley was at 25 and Hilary was at 15 and Britney won! I new she was gonna win. Nsync was at 3, Christina was at 23 and Hilary beat her! My brother was on this other thing on VH1 All Acess Grown up! An di was shown on it ::dances:: Oh yeah!
    Well laterz


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