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Hazle Weatherfield (a_fast_horizon) wrote,
@ 2004-06-03 21:10:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Dion & The Belmonts- 'Abraham, Martin, and John'

    Ahh, last night I gave such insight to everyone occupying the house. A never-ending rant exploded throughout my mind and alas, my lips. It was a rare time in which I found my own voice engaging among fabulously enlightening. Conceited? No, no. It's only on mere occasions do I get in this sort of mood.
    Anyhow, it all started as I was flipping through a few of the national news channels. As always, I became engrossed in the newest and latest events of not only the war, but the government, etc.. I began with my usual critical pose on the issues at hand, when one of the most udderly disturbing and random comments was fired directly my way. It was something along the lines of, 'You would really enjoy college with all of your opinions on the government and war and all'.
    Sure, it was innocently suggested by a nameless party, but really burnt my ass. I then went on to argue that I do not need some old white man in a suit to stand in front of a chalk board and tell me how to think and feel about- well, endless subjects, politics being the main point of this discussion.
    I've been quite opinionated from the time I could clearly think and speak. The thought that anyone would suggest my attending a university merely to have my feelings on things 'molded' was a disgrace in my mind.
    My liberal and rather critical political affiliations, my enviromental jargon, my vegetarianism, my opinions of all things wordly and orderly... THOSE are the things that make up who I am. I need not sit in a damn classroom and hear others' thoughts. Not to say that I can't stand for anyone to disagree with me; that would be the furthest thing from the truth. I do enjoy a good debate every now and then, and I do feel that everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and whatnot. That is what makes all of us unique.
    What I am basically dancing around right now is this: Being opinionated, liberal, etc., is NOT a reason for my attending college. I am perfectly capable of handling all that on my own. It's not something I need to learn, look into, or even share with anyone. My personal views on the world and life and all the 'importance' of things are MINE.
    This has nothing to do with my wanting or lack of wanting to further my education. The nameless other could not begin to fathom what I was trying to state.

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