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Matthew Kitchin (a97_enig) wrote,
@ 2003-05-19 23:38:00
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    This is the inaugural post into about my fourth attempt at maintaining an online journal. To be honest, I expect that I shall probably fail to maintain this in the same way that I have failed to do so with all other attempts. Having said that, since practically no one will read this anyway, such facts are inconsequential.

    I guess that I should at least make this first entry a substantial one, to try to make up for future ones that will most likely consists of the words "Didn't do nuffin'". My weekend could be considered above average in many regards - and so I shall cover a few of the highlights.

    After working a night shift on Thursday night/Friday morning, and hence spent a few hours sleeping in the early morning - before I caught up with an online contact that I had lost contact with, quite suddenly, for a few months. This particular person was someone I spoke to on a very regular (pretty much daily) basis while I was over in Canada and who proved to be a strange comfort to talk to - so if you do ever read this - thanks Lacreesha.

    I find it oddly disturbing that I, and many other people (from what I can gather), find it possible to develop feelings of fondness and a degree of familiarity with people that they meet online. But anyway, that is a discussion for another time. OK, since it is a one-way thing it is more like a rambling dribble-fest rather than a discussion.

    Anyway, I got an early night on Friday night even though I was primed to go out at one point in the evening. I always find that closer to the actual time of heading out, I end up feeling a hell of a lot less like going out. Such a feeling was not prevalent on Saturday night, however, as I went to meet up with some new acquaintances that occupied this property prior to us.

    In way of a short introduction, these people are named Mel (presumably short for something else) and Justin, who are partners. They live a very short distance away and invite us (my roommate and I) around semi-frequently, which is a Good Thing(TM) because they are really nice people, and Mel is an extremely attractive young lady.

    Also present at this gathering on Saturday night were Mels brothers and a girl named Olivia who was, put simply, drop-dead gorgrous. She wore this sort of UK-flag style jumper, a suitably tiny little skirt and a pair of black leather boots that stopped just before the knee. I didnt trust myself to talk to her without just sitting their looking at her legs, so I did my best to ignore her. Yes, a very smart course of action that I seem completely unable to shake.

    Anyway, shortly after Olivia left (Damn the night could have been better if she had come out with the group!), we all headed out to a place called - OK, I forget what it is called. We didn't stay there long, and proceeded to Skycity where a couple of guys managed to win some money. I did not partake in the gambling festivities, and simply wanted to get out of there to do some drinking and dancing.

    Sadly, the night was lacking in dancing, as we ended up at the Crazy Horse to watch naked women parade around. At some level I do find it mildly enjoyable, but I find it a damned sight more frustrating and boring than enything else. We did get to Heaven, where we did some dancing - but for some completely unexplainable reason we ended up back at the Crazy Horse. It was even more boring the second time, and at this point I just wanted to go home, as did everyone except my roommate.

    Eventually, they left and I stayed and made sure my roommate didn't get in trouble or anything before we made it back at about 5.20 am. Except for a small amount of dancing at the Wool Shed and Heaven, it was not a particularly enjoyable evening - I think I need to find some other crowd to head out with who do not devote so much time to the Casino and The Crazy Horse.

    Sunday, in typical fashion, was spent recovering. Today was a public holiday that I spent teaching my roommate to play Warlords Battlecry 2 - which is proving to be a bit of a hit with him. Sadly, he does not have the necessary computing power to play some of the more demanding new games.

    And now, I have to work tomorrow, where I shall be doing a course on some very poorly written piece of Defense software that I have to use as part of my job at 92 Wing Operations. The course has delayed me deploying to Darwin, which is a shame as I am looking foprward to getting up there and going to the Discovery Club, which is one of the best nightspots that I have been to!

    Well, its past midnight, and I have to be up early in the morning so I shall cut this entry here. Perhaps if I can access this sight from work, I shall write another entry tomorrow.

    Good morrow.

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