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Monica (a88lefty) wrote,
@ 2009-11-30 23:42:00
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    On My Mind, But Then Again What Isn't
    I'll let this entry be public because I feel like it. Certain thoughts are running back and forth through my head and it is annoying. Its basically the things I need to tell certain people to their face.

    Let start with Joe first. I just want to say that things at school aren't the same without him and he never really wants to come visit me. I hate begging, shouldn't he want to come see me?? I'm only 10-15min away from his work its not like I'm 40+ miles away!! I feel hurt when he says he hates coming over, I'm hurt when he stays for a little while and the time he does spend here it hurts me that he plays games online or sleeps. I want to take pictures but he hates them, why does he hate pictures so much?? I know he cares about me but show it, seriously! I also hate how he never wants to talk on the phone, and only talks to me when he is in the bathroom or stuck in traffic. So frustrating

    To Jen, answer your phone stooge!! lol but I love ya and miss you. AND we need to hangout more!!!!

    To my mom, love you and I'm thankful to have you in my life

    Lastly the main thought running through my head that makes my blood boil is Joe's friends. I guess hearing and knowing that they still hate me is still bothering me and Joe doesn't like talking about it which I guess could have gone in that above paragraph. To Ritz, you don't even know me!!!!! Stop stringing Alicia around like seriously!! To Alicia, you just hate me because I'm not in your inner circle and I'm another girl in the group. Stop hating on me because I'll be there for the long run and you won't. Lastly to the sad poor man named Robby, there are sooo many things to say. Where to start?? How about shutting the f@*^ up and not telling Joe to break up with me, LET YOUR FRIEND BE HAPPY!! Just because you don't believe in love or relationships in general doesn't mean you should want your best friend to be miserable like you!! Get over yourself, stop your drug and alcohol problems. I tried being nice to you and I forgave you for every ill and rotten thing you have ever done to me, and yet you still hate me for some unknown reason!! I didn't ruin any of your fun at universal on Halloween, I thought we were, dare I say, becoming friends??? I was talking to you about music because you like the same kind I do and I always find it easy to talk about music, but you still hate me for whatever reason!! I really just want to slap you for being so hard headed. I really tried being nice to you, you even said bye to me, which was more than Ritz and Alicia (those jerks) but yet the next day you call Joe and tell him to dump me! How dare you!! Like I told Joe we are too alike, but I'm not as unforgiving and stubborn as you!! Just accept that Joe and I are together and are happy being together. And we would only break up if either one of us cheated on the other. You are not a road block or a threat anymore. I know Joe told you off and it made me feel so good, and him sticking up for me to go to universal made me happy as well. I know he isn't afraid to stand up to you to stick up for me. You should know that you can't persuade him to dump me, come on now you have tried so many times and FAILED!! I'm here for the long run so just accept it! As of right now if Joe and I get married you are for sure in hell not invited at all! I would hire extra security to keep you out for sure. And for you telling Joe to dump me after I was being nice, easy going and on my best behavior just made you look like a douchebag. I can understand if you are mad at me for taking away one of your best friends but the way you are going about it is stupid. Just be nice to me dude, thats all you have to do. Right now I'm the reasonable one and you are the unreasonable one. But ultimately it goes down to what I already said let us be happy and stop bring your hatred of things and depressing-ness on us. No one likes people like you!

    That made me feel way better! =)

    Just wish I could really say the things I wanted to say to Robby. That would be great, and I wish he could just stand there and take it hahahaha then I would walk away with a big grin on my face and Joe holding my hand lol wow that was lame, but seriously I wish I could say those things to him =D

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