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Monica (a88lefty) wrote,
@ 2007-01-05 11:58:00
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    Current mood: hopeful

    First Entry Of 2007
    The break has been pretty dull. It was good in the beginning but then of course all good things come to an end. Jen got pissed at me because I couldn't call Juan, the thing is I didn't have his number. So she decided to stop talking to me. I realized I don't have that many friends back at home. Well I never really had any here to begin with. I at least got to spend time with my friend Liana. She really is a great friend. At least I got one friend from youth group. Everyone else I can't stand. Plus I know some of them hate me or they have their own problems to deal with. Too much drama. I'm glad I don't really see them anymore, also one more thing to add they are a bunch of backstabbers anyway. I just wish I had just one really good friend. Yea I have a lot of friends but I'm always second to someone else. I would say Jen is my best friend but we aren't talking right now and besides she puts Enrique and Juan over me. I would just like one person who I know will listen to me when I need to talk and answer their phone. I know perfectly well Jen hardly answers her phone and that when she is on the phone talking to me she never listens. I find it amusing that if I were to look back at my older entries in the journal I'm writing about the same things, I guess my life hasn't changed that much in the good friend category. I'm surprised I haven't wrote anything in here for a while. Usually when I feel down or a little lonely I always find that writing down my feelings here help me a lot. Well I go back to school tomorrow and mostly everyone will be back on Sunday. I just need to get away from my home. It somewhat depresses me. There aren't a lot of friends here, just a lot of bad memories and problems. I can't wait untill I am back at school I can once again forget about lots of things and start thinking about new things. I can't wait until the end of January for the formal for the entire school. Hopefully it will be wonderful.

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