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Joe (_weallfalldown_) wrote,
@ 2004-05-04 23:43:00
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    Current mood: pissed off

    Answering some inquries that a certain poster had on my last post...
    Recently a certain individual had left a post on my journal, expressing his pedestrian concerns with my philosophy. Whilst he was unaware of anything I have ever posted before inside of my journal, he continued to inquiry why I was pursuing some of these set goals.

    If the poster would have followed the set designated instructions I had left on the post that had troubled him so deeply, he would have found my reasons. The Clause of which I speak of is:

    “…The Main Platform of this party so far is: (For my reasons, just read some of my other posts, or contact me)

    Pro-Female Combat
    Legalization of Marijuana
    Full support of Gay Marriages
    A Socialist State
    Abolition of Financial Establishments
    Universal Health Care, of the Highest Quality
    Improved Social Benefits
    Obviously anything that once required money will be void, meaning free College Tuition
    Abolishment of the Electoral College and emphasis on Popular Vote
    Direct-Democracy as the Governmental Form/ Socialism as the Economic System
    Anti-Capital Punishment
    Improved rights
    More established freedom of expression
    Diplomacy over Warfare when dealing with Foreign Nations …”

    I would like to point out a phrase inserted into that last clause… which states as follows: For my reasons, just read some of my other posts… Who would have ever suspected that I might have possibly used my journal more than once, and likewise, it is almost certain to infer that I have discussed one or more of these topics at hand in the other posts as well. So for this incapable poster, I shall graciously and most faithfully state my reasons as for all of these posts.

    Pro-choice- The women’s body is, like as stated, her body. The relation between a fetus and the carrier (that being the mother) is obviously parasitic {the mother receives no benefits from the fetus, and the fetus draws nutrients from the carrier, whilst the carrier is forced to adapt to provide the needed nutrients and acids to the fetus.) If the women wishes to rid herself of such a parasite, then she should be allotted to.
    Pro-Female Combat- Equal rights should follow equal opportunities for duties. If a women wants to die for this country in a senseless war… go ahead, who am I to tell you that just because you were born of a certain sex, you are not allowed to certain duties.

    Legalization of Marijuana- Marijuana is not a drug that kills instantly. It is a drug that brings about a sense of euphoria, while presenting you with a sedative feeling to go along. It causes health problems after along time… doesn’t that sound just like Alcohol? If you want to smoke marijuana, go ahead, it is your life choice; just do not complain that it has ruined your life. Marijuana does not ruin people, people ruin themselves.

    Full support of Gay Marriages- Homosexuals are people and citizens just like other Heterosexual (regardless of race) citizens of this country. If two people love each other, I see nothing wrong with that. If two people of the same sexual gender love each other, and want to make a commitment to love each other solemnly and faithfully to each other, how can you say that is morally wrong! If homosexuals cannot marry and have the same benefits of Heteros, then I don’t think marriages should even be allowed for each other. Under the 14th amendment of the constitution, it is their (homosexuals) right to be allotted for the same treatment, ceremony, and entitlements as any other would be.

    Anti-War- I think this speaks for itself… I don’t think terrorists are going to take over America.

    A Socialist State- I hate capitalism. There is only one voice: The People.

    Abolition of Financial Establishments- The only way to end poverty it is to stop it at it’s source. If the nation is a large commune, then no one shall be worse off that another. I see that it is the only way to evolve to a higher state of existence, is to ensure economic equity.

    Universal Health Care, of the Highest Quality- I know that abolishing the financial establishments will never work and probably take time; I think the most logical thing to do is to ensure the health of the nation and the citizens within. Canada has a Universal Health Care system instituted, and efficiently I might add. What we pay for a medicine is around 75% lower over the border to Canada.

    Improved Social Benefits - That means, better welfare for all. Why? Were else is our tax money going to go? Wars perhaps… maybe moving jobs overseas? If we cut welfare from our expenditures, don’t you think the government will just increase spending in another area. If my money is going somewhere… I want to make damn sure it is making a difference in someone’s life. I am putting everyone else before myself…
    Obviously anything that once required money will be void, meaning free College Tuition- That’s not anarchy pissed off poster… that’s free tuition. Russia did it… why can’t we? I’ll tell you why; It is all about the money, that is all everything in this country is about.

    Abolishment of the Electoral College and emphasis on Popular Vote- The electoral college is completely unethical in its mode of operation. I fell that the person who was voted for by a larger number of people should be declared the winner of that bout. For instance, when Gore lost and Bush won the election. Yes, Gore did have a larger portion of the popular vote (meaning more people voted for him), yet he lost because of the electoral College system. If the people vote, they vote. We do not need others to do it for us. If a plurality votes for a president (or whatever the leader may be), they should win obviously, because more people saw them to be the best possible choice.

    Direct-Democracy as the Governmental Form/ Socialism as the Economic System- Read my other posts… too much to even explain.

    Anti-Capital Punishment- Though they are prisoners, they still are humans. I don’t think that we as a nation have the right to decide when a person shall die at our hands or whatever which way. There are many innocents in jail… what is to happen to those on death row… shall they die? Even thought they have done nothing wrong.

    Improved rights- Yes less laws mike.

    More established freedom of expression- For instance, ridding ourselves of the patriot act. It is basically an exploitation of patriotic feelings, in order to gain entry into people’s lives. The policy of “ if you have nothing to hide… then why oppose it…” Why do I oppose it? Because I have the right to. I have a life, I have a job, I have views. If I want anyone to know anything about my life, I shall announce it publicly (like now), but I have the right to privacy. What if I am a closet-case homosexual? Do I want anyone to know about this? It does not harm anyone but it is still within my rights to retain this information. It is my life, my personal life.

    Diplomacy over Warfare when dealing with Foreign Nations - If it comes to a time when nations are on the brink of war, I shall think it best fitting to find other means of engagement besides warfare. Terrorism is a violent expression of views and problems with another group. Fighting will only silence these arguments, or perhaps, worsen them. We should try to work out these problems instead of engaging in every small conflict.

    If you do not agree with me, that is fine… after all this is a free country. Freedom is a one way road with many turns and pathways, but it all leads to the same end… death. Who cares if the Homosexual community wants to marry, let them. We have one chance at life, and if we can not see around religion and political leaders who say that they are morally wrong, then where is our nation heading too? This nation is founded upon the rights of self-determination, we determine what is best for us, we are free to attach ourselves and express ourselves to anything or in anyway. It is nonsensical to profess one group to be lower than another, because of a life choice.

    Is this the fate of our nation?: American the land of the Free… and the Persecuted… You decide what is right… do not let some very old book compel you to think some way. We are of the same flesh, we should have the same rights too...

    Think for are who you are because of the path that lies behind you, not because of an end that lies after this life

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