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Jessi (blondebabee311) wrote in _the_sex,
@ 2004-07-22 20:48:00
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    Current mood:cranky
    Current music:Vindicated



    name: Jessica
    birthdate: (month/day) 3/11
    11 good bands: dashboard confessional, john mayer, five for fighting, hoobastank, ashlee simpson, jessica simpson, New Found Glory, Seether, Evanescense, Blink 182, Maroon 5
    4 sucky bands: Hillary Duff, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, The Cure, Slipknot
    3 good books: Harry Potter, The Shopaholic series, The Notebook
    10 good movies: Mean Girls, The Notebook, A Cinderella Story, Confessions Of a Teenage Drama Queen, Cheaper by the Dozen, Chasing Liberty, What a Girl Wants, Anchorman, Thirteen, 50 First Dates
    hobbies/activities:singing, acting, dancing, hanging out with friends, talking on the phone, being online, swimming, shopping.
    likes: my friends, boysss, music, love, qoutes, chicken fingers, my cell, chocolate
    dislikes: liars, people who are fake, those people in the hallway who stand in the middle so you cant get buy (lol you all know what im talking about) bugs

    [answer in detail]
    your views on...

    presidential canidates of 2004: I used to be 100% for George Bush but over the years my opinion has changed. I still think that he is a good man, I just think that he has made some terrible decisions and i dont think that he should be re-elected. I feel that John Kerry could do a very good job based on the opinions and ideas that he has.
    abortion: I am totally against abortion in every possible way. There is always a better situation. ADOPTION. there are soo many families that would love to have the child that you dont want. I dont think it is right to take away an unborn life.
    self-injury: I have friends who have done this and it doesnt cure their just makes it worse. I am against this. It hurts them and the people that know them.
    gay marriage: im pretty much against gay marraige. Im sort of a strong Catholic and i just think that marraige is meant for a man and a woman. However, i am totally fine with someone being gay or a lesbian. Its their sexual preference, not mine.
    drugs/alcohol: Drugs are stupid. Why would you do them? Even more, why would you waste your money on them? They just mess you up like crazy. Ive lost family members to drug use. Alcohol is okay if you use it in moderation. I drink occasionaly and its all in good fun until someone gets hurt or caught. Doing it sometimes is okay.
    education: Education is a pretty serious topic for me. Im working my hardest to get a scholarship to college because schools are soooo expensive! I think that the cost of an education should definitely be lowered.
    religion: Im a strong catholic. I believe in most of the things my religion teaches.

    why did you join this community? Ive read over some other peoples applications and it seems like a really great community with some great people.

    promote this community in at least two places:

    im third from the left

    second from the left

    Thanks guysss! im so excited to find out if i get in!

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