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Etienne (warriorsage) wrote in _sticky_stuff,
@ 2003-12-09 23:10:00
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    Since their first intimate encounter they had met routinely now, although, there was nothing routine about these meetings. Both loved the sexual variety they indulged in yet, they each surely had their favorites. She quickly labeled him as “talented” in many respects especially, in the oral department, Actually, she was rather surprised, and delightfully so, that he did possess such great talent in this area – an area she was fast-growing to appreciate and fully enjoy. He wasn’t quite sure why that was. It may have been the fact that he “got lucky” the first time out and hit her G-spot which sent her through the roof or, was it that just she needed to surrender for a change and let someone, something, just take her over and consume her – if even for just a short while.

    When he went down on her she always surrendered herself to him in that way knowing full well that she was in good hands. Whatever world it was she entered during that time was a place he would see her drift off to – deliberately, sensuously and eventually, intensely. It was a private place to be sure – one that he never felt compelled to enter or even to inquire about. He found joy and intense arousal in being the catalyst to send her there all the while being a voyeur of sorts to witness her departure and her cumming home, as it were. That image of her, as seen from her wet, soft groin all the way to her full, wet lips – biting her bottom lip as she often did as the intensity grew -- so easily and intensely pushed him onward.

    She also, to his delight, enjoyed everything else equally as well. If asked, he would easily describe her as a great lover and without question, a great fuck too. Her willingness to “try anything once,” as she was known to exclaim with some frequency, were words to be counted on. She loved to fuck, she loved to suck. She also seemed to equally enjoy the times-in-between when they both just lingered, talking, stroking and fondling each other as they “caught their breath” for the next round to come.

    Moving from next to her to on top of her was always an easy transition for him – and for her as well when she wanted to drive. He enjoyed her fleshy form as much as he enjoyed staying just far enough away from her as he penetrated her, pulling his cock out just to the tip before thrusting it in again – usually all the way to her cervix wall. From her movement and the resonating sounds that followed, it was clear that she was enjoying it immensely as well.

    The only entry they had not yet tried was rear entry – he saw that coming in their very near future. Why not yet? He was sure that with the first thrust in, the intensity, the primal feel of that position would surely drive him mad and cumming wildly within seconds.

    Each time they had met, it always looked sort of like this – hanging out, undressing each other, taking turns initiating and driving and always lots of sucking and fucking.

    Her favorites? All of the above – or so it would seem. She seemed to relish the fact that the dynamic between them – one that seemed to be based oddly on trust and chemistry – gave her free reign in any number of arenas with him. Although a bit shy at first or, was it self-conscious, she allowed herself only minor hold-backs. However, it didn’t take long for her to cross that line and open.

    Strange, she was so open and willing when it came to talking about and engaging in any activity or topic whether it be about sex or whatever. Yet, she dressed out of the room … only after their third or fourth encounter did she break that rhythm and dresses before leaving at the foot of the over-sized king bed – now damp following their hours of play. If she only knew the pleasure he took in seeing her that way – naked, fleshy and supple – her whole body somehow transformed and reshaped from their recent fuck-fest.

    It never ceased to amaze him how hours of sex made the body feel and look different. More times than he could ever hope to count he walked down the streets of LA, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and New York, wading through the crowds with the keen eye of a tiger trying to see who among them just got some. It some cases it appeared obvious, it other cases, it was a “fact” of his own creation – the result of a fantasy gone amok. Did it really matter? Not really. He saw sex wherever he would go. It was probably one of the few things that kept him going, to quote his new friend …

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