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*__There'S a HELL of A LOT more to ME__* (_pinkitten_) wrote,
@ 2003-12-25 20:56:00
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    Current mood: relaxed

    Is There Anything That Boy Can't Do...? =D
    I'm watching Pirates of the Carrabien or however u spell it right now. Orlando Bloom is in it. He's so gorgeous! I mean...first he wuz Elf-Boy in Lord of the Rings (best movie ever!) and now he's a slick, smooth, tall, dark haired, and hamdsome swordsman in this movie. Is there anything he can't do? All he needs now is to...marry me! J/K. Though it would be kinda kewl. But I wouldn't mind if Adam Sandler wanted me also. He's been my luv since I wuz an 8th grader.

    I'm here in New Mexico and we did bring the lap top. =) I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas! This wuz a different Christmas for me. We were out in the blistering cold looking at all these old pueblo sites and stuff. It wuz kewl. The cottage we're staying it is really cozy. It has snow outside but i'm too lazy and comfy in here to go outside. The only freaky thing is that the large windows have no blinds or cutains....creepy. Aside from the spiders. Yes, there are spiders and they're not so long as they keep away from me.

    Well...I'm gonna go watch the movie. I luv Elf-Boy and Adam Sandler....and Tyson Ritter from The All-American Rejects...ya...that's about it.

    Luv ya Charles!


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