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*__There'S a HELL of A LOT more to ME__* (_pinkitten_) wrote,
@ 2004-01-16 19:05:00
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    Current mood: predatory
    Current music:Echo~Incubus

    Another Boring FRIDAY Night
    Blah...there's a party going on tonite and I'm not going. =( I guess just another boring nite for me here at 710 Briarway. ::Sigh:: Oh, well. I'm going to the TKE party tomorrow I guess that should make up for tonite's boredom.

    Tomorrow I'm gonna buy a white tank top for the party. WEE! It's gonna be so fun. Supposedly we need to wear white shirts in order to get in cuz the guyz want to sign our shirts. Hmm..I'll take extra clothes just in case.

    Anywayz--I skipped my logic class today. =X Already skipping class..haha..way to go, Cyn. It's cuz that teacher has no lesson plan for us until we get books and the books aren't even in the store yet. So wut wuz the use of going? My cousin Luis wuz at my skewl. I guess he got really bored of being home and wanted to do sum damage at UTPA.

    Tomorrow is a lil shin-dig for Ricky at Alex's place on the 9. I doubt I'll be going. I mean...I know I won't feel comfortable there and yes it is for my best friend Ricky but I really don't think I should be there. "I don't like Cynthia or Nancy." Smart words there...u know who u are. Haha, then wut wuz that letter of "i don't want to hate you and I don't want you to hate me". YAA....since we will never talk again...let me just put this...u made ur LIE in it.

    There's a guy in my American Heritage class that I noticed on the first day of that class cuz he looked like sumone I know....heehee...and the weirdest thing happened. He IMed me last nite....I wuz like, wow. Wut a coincidence. Ya..that wuz pretty kewl. I'll say hi to him on Tuesday.

    K, I'm gonna quit being a loser and stop updating on a Friday night. Hopefully it will let me update cuz last nite it didn't.


    Lesson of the Day: Smile if a cute guy walks into class....he'll notice...(spanish 1301 baby!)

    Rooney's song "I'm Shakin" is really kewl!!!

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