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*__There'S a HELL of A LOT more to ME__* (_pinkitten_) wrote,
@ 2004-01-05 16:29:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:Girls Not Grey~AFI

    Go Find Yourself Another Dumb Blonde
    I haven't updated in a few dayz. On Sat. I had my SP. It wuz kickin. Who's hot, Karina? The sucky thing wuz the air conditioning in my house is broken so it wuz freakin hot! We still had fun. I don't even think we slept more than 2 hours.

    Yest. after my friends left I took the best shower of my life. Since my house wuz hot I kept the water a little cooler and if felt nice to not be all sweaty. Then at around 9 Adri and I took off to the beach. We didn't have a reason to go..just boredom. The Whataburger over there wuz ghetto as hell and took forever to give us our ONE burger!

    Today I woke up to a very surprising text message on my phone. It wuz from Joel (guy I met at my first party) asking me out on a date. I wuz like....wuuuut? I made a weird face and put my phone down. I DOUBT I'll go out with him. Then I picked up Ricky and we went to Pan Am so I could pay for my classes. We saw Angelica...haha..she totally ignored me. Be very intimidated. Haha (a lil concieted there?)

    Speaking of the word "Concieted" ..Alex told Ricky that I said, "I can't help it if guyz like me...I mean...Look at me!" Ok..first of all...IF I even said that I would've meant it joking around. Not serious. I may be shallow but I would NEVER say that seriously. Hell..I have low self-esteem. Wutever. He and I aren't gonna talk again for like the MILLIONTH time! This time it's actually gonna stick...for good.

    Well, Yamil called me asking if I wanted to go to the mall with him. chemistry there cuz he has a GIRLFRIEND! Heehee. Don't know if I'm gonna go or not but we'll see cuz he's at Pan Am paying for his classes. Talk to u all later!


    P.S. Whoever left that comment of "Don't worry, I still luv ya." Thanks. Even if it wuz anonymous. =)

    OOh, the time I updated this is my birthday! 4-29

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