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nick (_pimplimp) wrote,
@ 2003-12-19 23:12:00
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    Current mood:giddy
    Current music:hotel - R-kelly

    made to update this. >.
    today nothin really happen i went out for breakfast with my friends to Sophia only the best house of the pancake ever. ;] then we went out to get some shit for people since christmas is on the way. man we fuckin went through every store we could think of. my money is gone i got change left in my pockets. im very tired and ready to sleep. my day was ok not bad for other days i had the past couple days. everythin worked out great between me and melly or at least i think they are. i dunno yet. but i told her id be there for her no matter what she decides. and ima follow her heart 100% thats only cuz i love her. i talked to maddy on the phone for alil but her mom wanted her to go watch a movie with her. o.o; daughtermother moment how cute. lol. she told me to call her back in 2 hours but i wasnt sure if i was still supposed to call her still or what but i will call her later on tonight to talk to her alil until miss queen melly calls me then ima hang up with maddy and talk to melly. or i dunno. well other than that nothin happened. i talked to nikki for alil bit and i didnt even know it was her birthday until now. weird huh? lol. oh well. anyway thats it for now kids until the next time enjoy yourself. :P holla

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