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nick (_pimplimp) wrote,
@ 2003-12-19 22:35:00
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    Current mood:geeky
    Current music:staind : it's been awhile

    I'm gonna update for my assmunch. ;] uhhm. what has nick done today? nothing! :x he's lazy and don't get off his ass for the WORLD. rofl. :x jk<3 uhm. just awhile ago he got off the phone with me. WHICH HE MADE ME HANG UP=\ cause he doesn't hang up. he's just a fag like that. ;x heh. but next time we talk, he's going to hang up. fo` sho. and you know what? he likes it when i call back and say i love you. :x i'm just cool like that. hmm. and and. he's a dork! even though he's got a penis, but isn't a whale. AND YEAH, HE'S A PEDOPHILE. thinkin' my sister is hott and shit. rofl. "gross baby, gross". :d well now, tomorrow, I have an eye appointment for new contacts at EIGHT THIRTY! they're tryin to kill me babe, I sware. :l so when I wake up, at like 7. if i'm still not on the phone w/ you, i'm gonna call your lazy ass and wake you up!:D yay! okay now I think i'll go back to talkin' to you in im's. :x <333 Oh ;x and yeah, babe, you mean alot to me, and i love you. i always will. no matter what. you're always gonna be my assmunch. whether you like it or not :D i just want you to know that :X


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