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nick (_pimplimp) wrote,
@ 2003-12-07 21:48:00
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    Current mood:sick
    Current music:FUCK MUSIC! lemme alone man i swear

    i feel like compelete shit. thnx
    well today i woke up and talked to melly for a long time. ;] i was supposed to go out but i didnt cuz my job called in and said they needed me in for couple of hours until the guy that was supposed to be there comes in and take his place. i was kinda upset cuz i wanted to go out real bad. anyway on my break i called melly and talked to her and i called her house # and her sister answered and i scared the fuck outta her. she hung up on me the first time then i called back and she asked my name and i said tell me yours and i'll tell you mine. i was like can i talk to melly and she said no shes not here and i was like i can hear her in the bg gimme her and she said who is this. i was like dont worry about who this is im not callin for you im callin for melly so lemme talk to her and she was like fine. so melly took the phone and she didnt know who i was at first then i told her i was supposed to call you at my break and she was like " ooooooooooooooooooooh babyyyyyyyy" i was like ya your smart babe. ;x we talked for about 10 mins then she had to go to some place i didnt exactly understand where. well then i had a cool awesome great day! ya anyway now i got home and i feel like shit. but im talkin to my baby and maddy. we didnt start too well in the beginning but we're talkin now. i dunno wtf is up with me but im gettin really sick i think. and i hate being sick. but yea ima go back to talk to my baby and maddy. i feel like my hands are gonna fall off. and ima go to sleep ina lil bit. so fuck off and go away. ;]

    i love you melly.

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