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nick (_pimplimp) wrote,
@ 2003-12-04 23:26:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music:I like the way you move - outcast

    tired and sleepy
    i dont really look foreward to this. I dont really like to update alot so i only do it when somethin interestin happens. even tho nothin interestin happened today i feel lonely and bored outta my mind so ima update. melly left she went to bed and i got nothin to do. i took a nap and i'm wide awake. i talked to her for a while and we talked about things. lol. it was pretty interestin. I had fun until she left. that fuckwad. ;x. i miss her already and wish she was here. uhh shawn had somethin crawlin up his ass cuz he almost wanted to start shit. aoshit. neat huh? yea yea yea i know but its cool im not down to that level and never will be. but once again its all good. right now im talkin to nikki and she told me somethin about somethin which was awesome. ;x lol. and she also told me that she like guys with beer bellies. anyway ima go talk to my friends instead of type here. if anyone knows how to make backgrounds give me a holla biaaaatch. lol. late.

    iLy melly.

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