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Nicholas Timberlake (_nick_c_) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 16:26:00
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    Current mood:Eh
    Current music:As Told By Ginger ;x

    Last night was nice. It was sweet and I smiled. Starting over was the best idea he's ever had. We're still married... but we're taking things slow. Some things we did before won't happen now... and though we both still have problems with our stupid mouths... we're doing a lot better on the fighting front. I don't think we bickered for a good week until last night. And last night wasn't really... even a fight. It was just him being jealous. I think he thinks that if you're in a relationship with someone they have to be your favorite... if they're in music... their music has to be your favorite, If they're an actor, your favorite movie has to include them, If they're an artist you favorite painting has to be by them...

    But, though I may like Justin's music... it isn't my favorite. It's not my scene. I'm into "punk", so to speak, and more hardcore stuff. I always have been. Anyway... I'm sure everyone's heard already about the big mishap at the show the other night. I just thank God it happened before the show so Priss or J didn't get hurt. It was quite a sight... but the show was canceled and everything was ok in the end. We're heading back to Boston next week which is like, beyond perfect for me since I love it there more than anywhere else. He's playing a club show at the Avalon and I'm gonna go chillax with a couple friends that live there. Moving on, Our two month anniversary was on the 8th which was also... JC's birthday.

    Happy Birthday, Man. I totally didn't get to say it to your face but, yeah, it's late.

    For our anniversary... we pretty much laid in bed naked and stared at each other. We didn't have sex... just touched and kissed and what not. I think that's amazing for the two of us since usually we're horny as fuck... and can't go a day without screwing. I love looking at him. It's like, I can sit there and think to myself "Haha... He's mine. Mine and only mine. He's MY husband, not yours. He's MY soulmate, not yours. You'll NEVER get to be with him..." and eventually, I start fights with myself over it.

    Justin, I love you. Let's not do the "I love you more than..." game anymore.

    The end.

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