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::Mandy:: (_me0w_) wrote,
@ 2003-06-18 15:58:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Jessica Andrews "Therez more 2 me than u"

    Hey Yo!!!
    Hey Hey Hey lol wutz shakin?!? Nmh jc well not much is goin on wit me so thatz y i havnt updated latley. Newho bascially i've bin chillin at home cuz my best friend Ang is at the beach n my sis isnt home so I really dun go ova to the pool by myself so I jus chill at home. I bin watchin Passionz latley itz a mad cool soap opera lol n I bin doin this workout thing to get in shape cuz I dun play ne sports itz mad tirin u have to do this cardio vascular thing 4 half n hour then the rest of the work out but itz all good itz kinda fun lol n it passes time. Well I found out a couple dayz ago from my friend that my ex said im gay n he'll never talk to me again so I duno lol I still like him but im tryin 2 get ova him so hopefully soon i will b ova him itz jus messed up cuz we used to b really good friendz he was like one of my best guy friendz then we went out n now we rnt even friendz so itz retarded but i cant really do nething cuz he doesnt care so y sud i go out of my way 2 b friendz wit him again? maybe thingz will get betta between us but if not it'll b all good neway like i miss him as a friend but wut am i supposed to do? well not much ta say so ima go n i'll write lata i posted ya all by the way so post me! luv yaz! ~!MaNdY!~

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