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_lostxsanctuary (_lostxsanctuary) wrote,
@ 2003-06-16 19:36:00
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    Current mood: scared
    Current music:The SlyCaps - the boring life

    everything will go my way someday..
    last day of school yay :) now i just have to do crazy studying for my regents' :(

    s0o i was kinda upset today about math..i got a 60 on my yea i failed which really sucks cuz it got me thinking that im not gunna pass my math regents..if i cant even pass that easy test :| i really really really hope i can pass this regents..and also chemistry, its really really hard..and i got a 70 on my practice regents which isnt that bad considering i didnt study for it or anything but still...i need to pass this as well :|

    my party is in 12 days w0o :)

    so this week i got my ss and math regents to take...then next tuesday is chem. then SUMMER :)

    I think robs coming over tomorrow...possibly go on my trampoline and then go to coreys to hang out..or maybe just have corey come to my house since im extremely lazy and think walking is over-rated..dont you agree? why the hell would you walk if we invented cars.. :\

    my back is killing me! i think its from jumping on my trampoline..ugh it hurts soo much..and my legs..and my abs..its a great workout tho...god i need a massage.

    alrite im done updating..oh and just to let you know ROB - you will NEVER ever beat me in pile up..i am the master at that game..ha :)

    * **** *** *** *****
    did u think that i would cry..on the phone
    do you know what it feels like..being alone
    [ i'll find someone new.. ]

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