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bLeeD bLacK sTar (_l0st_n0t_f0und) wrote,
@ 2003-08-28 23:50:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:breathingx yellowcard

    poor paul
    hi everyone. just got done watching the VMAs. My boys got one! Woot! lol. Eh, I'm proud of them. Yeah, only one out of three. But everyone makes fun of them now, and I mean, that's not necessary, is it? Really now, people need to learn to keep their comments to themselves. And Chris Rock wasn't that funny this time. Really, he wasn't. He wasn't even funny the first time. I just think the VMA's have lost their touch to me. I just.. I've grown out of them, I guess. Yeah. I didn't watch Metallica either. I don't like them. And MAN did the Good Charlotte performance suck. What turned me off.. two things. The fact that ya rarely ever saw billy or paul... AND the fact that they trashed all their instruments afterwards. That completely turned me off.. pissed me off, matter of fact. Why would they do that?! That's just ASSANINE!! :sigh: They need to get smacked, and I think I'm the one to do it. Watch out, Jen's coming through! :sigh: haha. Did you know that someone in Paul's family died?! Omg, it was on after the award show finished. They said that they were dedicating their award to someone in paul's family who died. That is so sad. I'm crying. Really, I'm seriously crying. I feel so bad for him. To have to get up and perform even though you're so sad, you feel like crying ur eyes out? Man, I couldn't. And when they were accepting their award, Paul was all smiles, holding the moon man, waving saying hi mom, hi dad. Man, poor paul. ::hugs him::

    Billy looked hot. MAN did he look hot. haha. SEXY is the word, but don't tell paige. Shh, keep it on the downlow. Ah, Paul looked good too.. i just feel horrible for him. I'm sorry sweetie. Come on back home to Maryland. Jen'll make it ALLLLLL better. Just come over to my house now and get yourself some lovin'. ::smirks:: i wish, eh? Ahh, it's just horrible that they have to do stuff even when they're sad. They shouldn't have to. Obligations, my ass. Fuck that. When you have to cry, you should be able to just.. cry. Hell, DMX flew the coop twice.. missin the VMA's. Who says the bassist to Good Charlotte couldn't do that?! my poor paulie.

    Okay, that's enough about him, right? haha. Naw, i love my paul and I'm done talking about it. ::pats pauls head:: He's alright because im here. And now I'ma leave.


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