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Brandon (_kirby) wrote,
@ 2003-02-15 08:46:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:The Offspring - Have you ever

    Valentine's Day
    Yeah, I didn't have a date..Well, not a serious one. If you consider Tom, Jason, and Hoser (Jose) my date, then -_-;;..

    Tom and Jason and I went and got Tom's check and cashed it, and then walked down to the mall. Three blocks away from it, Hoser honks and gives us a ride to the mall. o_o; We go to Sam Goody's and each get a shirt. Tom got a Slipknot one, Jas got a Disturbed one, and I got SoaD (System of a Down). Jose got KoRn and Eminem. All the KoRn shirts -sucked-. Not one had good coloring. so I got SoaD instead.

    After that, we went to DQ. (For those of you who don't know -coughstupiddumbasscough- DQ is Dairy Queen)
    We all got ice cream. (Duh) Tom also got some meal thing. We were there for like close to two hours. o.o

    Then we went to the Valley Mall. (The mall in Union gap, which is just another part of Yakima.)
    I told all of them about my determination to talk to a girl before the day was over. Meaning a girl I didn't know. We took it upon ourselves to all do that as many times as we could. Jason and Hoser did it the most. o.o Tom didn't do it at all. First girl we talked to was Amber, and she worked in Sears. She was really cute and pretty. Long brown hair and nice eyes. *-*;

    Hoser talked to another girl, a blonde one. He and Jas got completely blown off by her. XD She wasn't that hot anyway.

    Then we talked to Claudia, a friend of Hoser's. I liked her a lot. >_>

    Then just a few random girls. Hoser helped this one girl carry a box to her car AND DIDNT EVEN TRY TO GET HER NUMBER. I was going to ask her if she needed help, but she was on the other side of the cellular phone thing AND HE GOT TO HER FIRST SDJASJDDASJFAJFLJ MFER. But still, wut a dumbass. XD

    We played on the escalator for awhile. Like 505969695 times. ^-^;

    Last night, when I got home, I had the biggest headache. I tried to get online, but I hurt so bad that I couldn't. I laid down and woke up 5 or 6 times during the night. It didn't go away until around 6am. -_-

    Well, we're all going to the mall again today. This time I -will- get a girl's phone number. I WILL!

    See ya, guys. -smile smile-

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