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Brandon (_kirby) wrote,
@ 2003-02-13 21:54:00
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    Current mood:cynical
    Current music:Drowning Pool - Sermon

    Tonight, I witnessed the world's highest degree of shallowness, the most blatant insult to most of us, a judging based upon physical appearence.
    It's called "Are you Hot". I watched it. I was disgusted. Yes, I know all of us are shallow. All of us are attracted to certain types, certain looks. We all judge others appearences. But this..this took thousands of people, turned away all but a handful. Because they weren't "hot". Who does this judging? Three "professionals". These three professionals were the ones selected to judge all these people, to hold their "dream" of being the "hottest" in their hands, to embronze it, or to crumple it and toss it away. The world is a fucked up place when people get their kicks by watching people get told they aren't 'perfect'. Who are any of us to judge another's appearence? To laugh and make callous remarks, when we ourselves are physically unattractive? Oh, the three judges were all famous. A fashion designer, a swimsuit model, and an actor. Heh. People are stupid. Their ideals of beauty and perfection are the mass ideas, sustained by all the ideals and images portrayed on TV. They eat it up, too. Mankind is enlightened; It's barbaric and primitive. Greed and lust are what drive people. Joy? The public's idea of joy is a large amount of money, a large house, and never having to do any work to keep it. Luxury is happiness to most. We all want to possess things. Possession is the obsession of Humanity. We -all- feel it. "I want it I need it I have to own that, to make it mine, I I I I I, mine mine mine mine MINE."

    To be perfect is to be better than anyone else. Thus, all strive to have a better house, a better income, a better life. Most people will say they do what they do to be better. Better than what, is the question I ask. The answer is "Everything else".

    I don't exclude myself from any of this.

    I find it sad.

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