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kaleigha faye (_kaleighafaye) wrote,
@ 2006-07-22 23:05:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:time stands still - all american rejects

    here's to you

    i was not your first and we both know that i won't be your last. as a matter of fact i wasn't really your anything when we think about it so i can't say that i'll be your only either. you've cared about someone else before and it wasn't long before you cared for someone else soon after. but when you cared about me then, nothing else mattered. you're not perfect and i'm not either and the two of else will never be perfect together. but the fact that i made you laugh at least once made me hold on to you that much more and give you as much of me as i could in that short time that we spent together. you're not going to quote poetry but maybe songs. you're not going to think of me every second of the day but maybe once in a while if i get lucky. but with all that said i'd still give you all of me, even the part that i know you can too easily break. i promise that with all that's happened and what may ever happen in the future that i will never ever hurt you or change you. i will never expect more than you can give and i refuse to over analyze ever again. i'll smile at all the times that you made me happy and wonder why i yelled all the times that you made me what. but for now since you're not here all i plan to do is miss you like crazy, be happy about the time we had together, and move on

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