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;x (_jessicunt) wrote,
@ 2003-04-06 00:29:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    another night spent at tony's house. he's the best. he's really helped me a lot this weekend. he makes me smile and laugh. im glad im friends with him. i dont know what id do without him. i'll definately ask him to resize the picture of him and myself, so i can show you guys what he looks like. <3. he's really cute, too.. even though he's really picky about the pictures he takes.

    speaking about tony, he and i went to the industrial concert last night and it kind of sucked. almost everyone there was 18+, even though it was for all ages. there was alcohol there too, but they knew we were underage, so we couldn't drink. honestly, i didnt even want to drink not much of a drinker, and i really dont want to be.

    i was supposed to sleep over mallory's house tonight, but her mom said no at the last minute, which really sucked. its all good, though. im sure i'll be able to hang out with mallory soon. <3. mallory's awesome, too. i really hope tony, her, and myself can hang out sometime soon. maybe i'll invite them over my house soon. :D that would be cool. <3.

    tony's planning on hosting me with his website. <3. i really want him too. ive never been able to make or manage my own website before, and its definately what i want to do. if i dont make the website, then i'll just ask him for storage... so i can place a bunch of pictures up, without having to delete pictures off of my boomspeed account. im not sure what i'll do yet. i really want to make a site, though.

    just to let everyone know.. im getting my computer back on monday. at least, i think and hope i am. <3.

    alright, im done.

    - jessicunt.

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