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Leah (_intuition_) wrote,
@ 2003-08-09 01:33:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:Beautiful Disaster- 311

    Warm me up and let me in
    Hello there. I haven't written in a little while because I was grounded for hiking up the cell phone bill. Ech, 50 dollars, woo I suck.

    Well, I really don't have much to say anyway. Hmm... Let's see, on Wednesday I hung out with Meg and we later watched Caddyshack, lmao. Random random movie. That night I got grounded for real so I just pretty much wallowed around the house, and I watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Great stuff, right there. Thursday was the most boring day of my entire life. I watched Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, lol, and at like 2 Nora came over and we watched American Pie 2. Oh yah, I also called Pip but that was pointless. Let's see.. Well I actually may have some days mixed up there.. I have no clue cause at one point I called Hanh and I also went out to get icecream with my sister. I'm not sure where that ties in with everything. Well today Hanh and I went running up to DH, then we practiced field hockey there. I don't have a good field hockey ball, so we had to practice with a tennis ball. How shameful. Yes, Junior Varsity Field Hockey tryouts are on Friday, and you have to run six laps,
    :-O. I'm nervous. Like two freshman make the team, I'm not even sure if its worth tryout out. Freshman Field Hockey doesn't start til September 5th. But I might as well get some practice in anyway. And tryouts will just give me extra practice, even if I don't make it, which is pretty much a given at this point. So Then Hanh and I went out and went to Perkins, it twas fun. We also saw Jackie Buckley at Acme, she said hello. We went in to Acme and Hanh started talking in Vietnamese and I started making up my own language acting like it went with hers. It was hilarious cause we got sooo many crazy looks. Then we got home and she left. Nora came over at like 10:15 and we went to Wawa. Some guys were calling my name on the way there, incessantly. It was so annoying. I had no clue who they were so we just kept walking. On the way back I saw Anthony Dicreccio, some kid I recognized a grade older, and two kids that I didn't really look at enough to figure out who they were. They were saying something but I couldn't make out what it was cause I really didn't care. I don't know if they were the ones calling my name or not. Blahh. So then Nora goes home, comes back over, we eat Mac and Cheese, she leaves again, and here I am. Haha, very boring I know.

    I probably won't write as much any more seeing as I don't do a lot, and when I do, it's horribly boring. None of that now. So I will probably only write when I'm bored or if I actually have something interesting to say. Ok Later.

    kEeP iT reAL*
    <33 L e A h

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