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Leah (_intuition_) wrote,
@ 2003-07-18 00:13:00
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    Current mood: bored

    ~*~* NAMES *~*~
    1.What is your real, full name? Leah Marie Sofield
    2.What other names were your parents thinking about for you? Christine
    3.If you had been born of the opposite gender, what was your name going to be (according to your parents)? Scott
    4. What does your name mean (if you know)?Um it means Glad Tidings in Greek. Go figure
    5. Do you like your name? Yeah, it's different.
    6. Do you know anyone else with your name? I've come across a few
    7. If you could change your name, what would it be to? I don't know.. I was always partial to the name Meghan, however.
    8. What is coolest name of someone you know? BONNIE! That's a cool name
    9. The wierdest? Hanh?
    10. The plainest/ugliest? Eh, I don't know..

    11. What is your favorite weapon? Gun
    12. What is your favorite genre of book? Mysteries, probably.
    13. What is your favorite planet? Neptune
    14. Your favorite type of sandwich? Turkey
    15. How about your favorite role playing game (if you play them)? Um I don't
    16. Your favorite play? Broadway Les Miserables
    17. Favorite joke? Dont know
    18. Favorite color of clothing on you? Black
    19. Favorite fruit juice flavor? Grape
    20. What's your favorite thing to look up online? Lyrics

    21. Do you know anyone who drinks underage (if yes, how many)? Yeah, like all my friends do.
    22. Smokes (if yes, how many)? A few
    23. Does drugs (if yes, how many)? Some do, but it's not cool
    24. Lost their vigrinity before being married? Theres a bunch in my school, and its disturbing
    25. Worships the devil? I don't think so, but sometimes I wonder about Bonnie..
    26. Has had their life threatened? Yeah, but not for real
    27. Do you know anyone who hates slurpees? No...?
    28. Give a rough estimate of how many people you know. Aha, Yeah right, I have no clue
    29. Now how many of them are your friends?I have a bunch of friends, so a bunch
    30. Where are the majority of your friends from (i.e. sports, school)? School

    ~*~*WOULD YOU EVER*~*~
    31. Eat bugs purposely? Ew no
    32. Commit a crime? Yeah
    33. Change your religion? I doubt it
    34. Lie to your parents? Who doesn't
    35. Jump over a waterfall? Heh, its possible
    36. Change clothes in front of an open window? Not likely
    37. Dress up as the opposite sex for an important event? Um ... ok..?
    38. Go out at night dressed in something like a black trenchoat and sunglasses? YES! Any day
    39. Sing a harmonized duet in front of 500 strangers? It would probably sound bad, but what the hell
    40. Tell someone that you liked them if they were much older than you? If I really did like them, then yeah

    ~*~*HAVE YOU EVER*~*~
    41. Lied to your parents about something really important? Most likely
    42. Have your life threatened? Not seriously
    43. Stumbled across FBI secrets online? Uh no
    44. Stayed up until the morning light talking online? Yeppers, insomniacs have to do something at night
    45. Made people give you really wierd glances? Aha, everyday all day
    46. Read a Shakespeare play? Uh uh
    47. Talked in your sleep? I don't believe so
    48. Sung at a kareoke bar? Nah
    49. Looked something up online your parents specifically told you not to look up? No
    50. Been run over... with a bike? Eh, no

    51. Number one on your hit list? Uh dunno
    52. On your aol instant messaging list (Give screen names and real names, if possible)? Am I supposed to name them all? lmao, theres 200, thats not happening.
    53. The person you talk to most online? Meg Hanh Jason
    54. The person you talk to least online?Mark
    55. The person who calls you every day? Hanh does most of the time
    56. Is there anyone that dumped you when you most needed them? Nah
    57. The last person you talked to on the phone with? My sister
    58. The person/people you're with the most? Hanh
    59. Never home? Nora
    60. Always home? Coll

    ~*~*THIS OR THAT*~*~
    61. Mulan or Moulin Rouge? MOULIN ROUGE!!
    62. 7 Up or Dr. Pepper? Dr. Pepper
    63. Hamsters or Gerbils? I dunno, I thought they were the same
    64. Rats or Mice? Mice
    65. The Swings or the Slide? Swings
    66. Rollercoaster or Merry-Go-Round? ROLLERCOASTER
    67. Sneakers, Sandals, or No Shoes? No shoes
    68. Italian or Mexican food? Italian
    69. Fast Food or Sit Down Restaurant? Sit down
    70. The Sun or the Moon? Moon

    ~*~*MORE FAVORITES*~*~
    71. What's your favorite quote about love? The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.
    72. Favorite quote about friends? Um, I'm taking this persons answer, "Friend's are god's way of taking care of us."
    73. How about about life? I can sum up everything I learned about life in 3 words, "It goes on."
    74. What's your favorite humorous quote? Heh, too many
    75. How about the quote that makes you go, "Hmm..."? Uh I dunno
    76. The quote that makes you go, "To true, to true." Ok enough with the quotes already
    77. What's your favorite swear word? how about phrase? GO FUCK A DUCK.. what a coincidence
    78. What's your favorite non-swear word? Um, schawap? Wtf, I don't know
    79. What's your favorite thing to do on a cold day? Drink Hot Chocolate
    80. How about your favorite thing to do on a hot day? Swim swim swim

    ~*~*WHAT DO YOU SEE*~*~
    81. Are there any shoes in the room?Hah, yah
    82. Underwear? Well sure .. I don't see them tho?
    83. Dishes, glasses, forks, spoons etc? Tons, I'm a slob
    84. Something unidentifiable that is very nasty looking? Hah, probably under my bed
    85. Money? Just my graduation money. Other than that, no
    86. A TV? Yes
    87. Is there a fan in the room with you? No
    89. How about a blanket? Yes
    90. What colors are the walls and the floor? Wall is green, carpet is orange brown, some 80s carpet, its disgusting

    ~*~*WRAPPING IT UP*~*~
    91. In how many languages can you say "Goodbye?" Four.. i think
    92. And how many of those can you actually spell? 3
    93. What's your favorite way of ending a letter? (ie Sincerely, love from) – Eh, love
    94. Who's the last person you said goodbye to you, and where were they going? I dunno, I'm always leaving to go somewhere
    95. Is there any wierd way you say goodbye (ie Night, Smooches) I say night sometimes
    96. How do you end internet conversations? Later or bye

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