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Trashley (_idreamincolor_) wrote,
@ 2004-05-16 23:27:00
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    Current mood: relieved
    Current music:the greatest rocker in the world-bryan adams biatch!

    So..saw troy last night and it was so great! Okay so orlando was a bit of a pussy but daaaamn he looked good and so did brad pitt and the guy who played hector, geez louise. And there was so much fanica in that movie, i was cracking up like a little egg...and that wasnt even cause i was stoned. In closing, im going to read the iliad again and marry orlando bloom.

    Is anyone else getting nervous about papers/finals coming up?? Oh quite scurred. But at least sungod is this friday..flip mode squad up in this piece! Haaahah im such a dork. But seriously, busta rhymes is going to be great...pass the courvoisier yo, or however one spells it. I hope everyone is in the mood for a little dance action. Speaking of which, im nervous about going home this summer. I mean obviously it will be super to see jamie becky and my friends from back home, however theres never anything to do. And everyones 21 except for me, blast! I really think i should get a fake i.d...hmm i should look into that or else ill be the oddball out.

    Maybe there will be some good concerts this summer. I know at least incubus is on tour so that will be sweet. Aye carumba, im thinking wayy too far ahead thats enough of that. I better get some sleep, nite nite!

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