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Scheidter (_i_am_shidder_) wrote,
@ 2003-06-14 20:45:00
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    Current mood: drained

    omg today was amazing. well first off, last night i had guard 6-9, and scott was there :) YAY! we all love scott. and i was REALLY upset cuz i knew i was gonna make rifle line, and i was just miserable. well today we had guard 9-4. it was surprisingly really really fun. we learned almost the whole entire first piece...thats unbelievable for a guard this early on in the season. O! also last night Missy wasnt there so i volenteered to run the flag line while aimee did sabres, and i did! its so much harder than it looks and i was labeled the Little Nazi. but that was fun. Back to today: at the beginning of practice they told us that they werent even gonna tell us who made the lines until that pissed me off. and the rest of the guard off. but at least i had it off my mind, so i did a really good practice. we saw our're ugly and wild. turquoise/orange/ black FULL BODY UNITARD! man, they're crazy. well apparently they gave me the wrong size and when i did a dance move in it the crotch ripped open. we all found this funny. and i, along w/ many others {specially dani} have MONKEY ARMS! ANYWAY! after practice i went to Dani's and chilled there for awhile, then walked to Tony and Jackies, and took the kids for a walk, than babysat, played BUBBLES! and watched the Munsters, lol. now they're waiting for Thomas to get online but NOOOOOOO im sure hes very busy. lol that sounded really bitchy and selfish. my B.

    so tomorrows Daddy's Day, idk what im doing yet, i got my Dad a discman thingy.

    im out for now

    love always,


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