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Blondie* (_hurley_gurley_) wrote,
@ 2005-01-04 09:54:00
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    Current mood: thankful
    Current music:the killers cd

    ~~*Happy New Year*~~
    well christmas and new years are both over now.. that makes me kinda sad but they were so amazing. we all went to niagra falls for the night me sar sar lin taylor danielle and christin all in one room and dave and his friends beside us and ash was there with eric and mike abdell basically everyone was there:D we walked down to the falls to see fire works and for the official countdown..which there wasnt one but there were fire works and it was so nice (L) me and dave had our new years kiss [es] lol it was so good! christin and danielle went missing for like the whole night then show bak up at like 2 with this random guys from pennsylvania. weird. everyone went to bed so early they sucked.. but i stayed up with dave and his friends and me and dave took a walk all along the falls then we came bak and he went to the casino with some of his friends and danielle and christin stroll bak in so i was with them and 2 of daves friends in their hotel room. i didnt get to bed til like 7 in the morning and i was so friggin tired the next day but thank god i didnt have to drive linnea did! :D

    umm so yah i have like 2 weeks of skool left FOREVER well high skool :$ .. i shouldnt even be there now but whatever.. i have to apply for college too and im scared i dont even know where to start.. i have to do it quick tho cause deadlines are at the beginning of february.:S

    i dont even know if i wrote to you about what dave got me for christmas! if i already did u are hearing it again! we went so overboard on eachother but i loved it. he got me a pink heart like diamondy [lol] necklace and wrote a poem with it that made me cry. elf the dvd and shrek 2 (L) 3 cds, roxy slippers, this skirt i wanted from garage, a heart charm for my bracelet .. sooo many earrings like nice ones from claires and i cant even think . lots of stuff in my stocking like makeup lol thats cute of him cause he got all the right stuff! and he is gettin me tanning minutes which i need more than ANYTHING!! im broke as a joke and i hate it.

    im going for a nap ttyl *

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