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Blondie* (_hurley_gurley_) wrote,
@ 2004-10-18 01:13:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:soco amaretto lime - brand new

    3 months(L)
    well mine and daves 3 months was 2 days ago and it was amazing:) we just rented a movie and watched it ds like always but it was still so good. He bought me a pink bear that is so fluffy and cute i love it and tonite we went out to dinner at kelseys and then went to see ladder 49. i bawled my eyes out but thats ok he didnt mind.

    this weekend was incredibly busy. i had brennens birthday to go to on saturday and dave mingled well with my family i am happy about that. my brother was drunk and i got a parking ticket which i stomped outta the house about. so gay. then we had andres party to go to at night but it didnt turn out as planned so i didnt drink or nething.. that sucked. so later on i went to see dave at steves. it was all guys and then me. felt a little funny about that.. and today i had maggies baby shower to go to which i woke up almost late for.. i had to run to toys r us and pick her present up. this was the BIGGEST baby shower i have ever seen there were like 150 ppl there almost it was insane italien and loud! but it was fun and i ate a lot =)

    also, this makes me happy..

    A Little About Me

    i love holly...thats about it.

    Favorite Things

    taking back sunday, thursday, mos def, moneen, talib kweli, eminem, a perfect circle, led zepplin,the guess who, pantera,notorious b.i.g, 2 pac...haha im soooo black, see even that ryhmed!

    Hobbies and Interests

    snowboarding, draaankin, holly!, movies, gambling, skateboarding, music, drunkin freestyling..

    ..thats daves profile, he just changed it cuase i wasnt in it before ahah im so dumb! im off to bed


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