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<3 (_firstkiss) wrote,
@ 2004-05-09 17:12:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:I hope you dance [x] Leeanne Womack (sp?)

    Do you believe in love at first site, or do I need to walk by again┬┐
    KRiS;;_ K, so I broke up with him Friday night. I was right when I said I didn't think he was really the one for me. He's really been getting on my nerves lately though. He keeps telling me he loves me and wants me back, even though I told him we're just going to be friends. He's saying everything he can to try to get us back together, but I don't want to get back together with him. It's that simple, why can't he accept that?

    YESTERDAY;;_ Anyways, last night was the BEST! First when I got up I went with my mom and I got my nails done, then to get my hair done. I saw Bianca, Megan, Shawna, Rachel, and this other chic there. After that I came home and my cousin Candy and uncle Tim came over and Candy did my make up. Then I put my dress on and Laura came over. My parents and big sister took some pictures, then Laura's mom took us up to the high school. Laura's dad met us up there and took some more pictures of us..

    LAST NiGHT;;_ Then we stood outside waiting for more people to get there because we were super early. After we went inside we walked around talking to everyone and taking pictures. After everyone was there and people started dancing Laura and I were with the other Laura, and Hailey. Then this kidd named Sean was talking to us. I'm not sure if he knew anyone other than Laura, but all I know is he didn't know me. He's really cute too, hehe* ;X then we started talking and we were dancing and stuff. I'd tell you the rest but I don't kiss & tell. LOL

    TODAY;;_ First we went over to my gramma's house, then other to my other gramma's house. I showed them pix from last night and they thought I looked totally gorgeous. My grandpa (Walden) didn't like the pic of Sean & I.. go figure, eh? lol

    Sean & I


    Pauleth, Jess S, & Heather


    Dominic & I


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