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Danielle (_broken_record) wrote,
@ 2004-09-02 21:57:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:Sun screen song

    Can I be your memory?
    Everything has just seem to get worse and worse every day.I don't like it any more.So let me see.This is my list of stuff that I need to do.
    -Talk to Justin again.
    -Go see Justin.
    -Find some new friends.
    -Talk to Edward.
    -Be happy for at least 15 Min.
    -Buy some new cds.
    -Other stuff that I can't think of.
    I really don't know any more.I mean the people I know now.I love them to death but then I hate them soo much.Not hate more or less dislike them.I am so confused theres soo much stuff going on right now.I can't take it any more.I am thinking about saying my good byes and leaving for ever.Or maybe just leave this city.Either one will be hard.I can't take it any more.I soo tired of being sad and lonly and just stuck in my own head because I don't talk to people about the way I feel.I have seem to get really distant and I haven't even hung out with Heather that much any more.She just bothers me with all her stupid crap.But I love her to death still.Besides that I haven't really talked to other people.I get invited places but I don't seem to go.I wish I would go.I think I'll go to a show tomorrow.If I am not still sick.Fuck I feel sad I want to cry.I hate emotions sometimes.I get called an emo kid.It's silly I don't get that.I think I will go to school tomorrow.Chris is gone.He moved to a new school.Now he left me alone and I won't have him there any more to talk to and stuff.I am gonna miss that kid.Hmm maybe we can hang out places or something.Who knows.People just seem to come and go in and out of my life like nothing.It sucks.The people I really do like just seem to leave and I never seem to say good bye or talk to them ever again.It makes me feel alone.Like Julian.I haven't seen that kid in years.And Zack I haven't seen him in for ever either.It's really sad.When I know they live in the same city as me but I seem to be to lame to acutally go out and find them or I know where they are.But I can't just go and find them.I need a car.So I can drive.I wouldn't be home that much any more.I would be gone.Gone most of the time away from everyone who I don't seem to like any more.I don't know what to think of any more.I hate it.I am gone good bye.

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