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Forget My Name, Forget My Face (_asilentdance) wrote,
@ 2004-03-29 22:10:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:Shameless - Coheed and Cambria

    Time Consumer, Time Consume Me..
    1. name: Jackie
    2. single or taken: taken
    3. sex: female
    4. birthday: January 30, 1989
    6. siblings: one brother, one sister
    7. hair color: brown
    8. eye color: green
    9. shoe size: 8
    10. height: 5'4 i think?

    r e l a t i o n s h i p s

    1. who is your best friend?: Natalie/Gina/Shaun
    2. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes

    f a s h i o n s t u f f
    1. where is your favorite place to shop: the mall lol
    2. any tattoos or piercings: 5 in each ear, belly button, eye brow, left nipple

    s p e c i f i c s
    1. do you do drugs?: sometimes
    2. what kind of shampoo do you use?: Thermasilk and Aussie
    3. what are you most scared of?: being alone
    5. who is the last person that called you?: Gina
    6. where do you want to get married?: outside.. in summer <-i agree Devin!
    7. how many buddies are online right now?: 58
    8. what would you change about yourself?: bigger boobs!! haha( i agree Devin lol ) ummm..skinnier?

    f a v o r i t e s
    1. color: lime green
    2. food: hot dogs
    3. boys names: Christian
    4. girls names: Talena
    5. subjects in school: English
    6. animals: Tiger (rarr) <--agreed
    7. sports: im non-athletic <--agreed

    h a v e y o u e v e r
    1. given anyone a bath?: yea
    2. smoked?: yep
    3. bungee jumped?: no and i dont ever want to! lol
    4. made yourself throw up?: yes
    5. skinny dipped?: yeahh
    6: ever been in love?: yes
    7. made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: nope
    8. pictured your crush naked?: lmao.. im not answering that
    9. actually seen your crush naked?: yeah =)
    10. cried when someone died?: yeah..
    11. lied: everyone does it.. <-agree
    12. fallen for your best friend?: yeah..durrr..
    13. been rejected?: like once
    14. rejected someone?: yeahh
    15. used someone?: nope
    16. done something you regret?: Helll yeahhh!!!

    c u r r e n t
    clothes: yellow shorts and a lime green tube top haha..gimme a break its laundry night
    hair: curly and wet and down
    music: Devil In New Jersey - Coheed and Cambria
    make-up: none..scary picture huh?
    annoyance: my internet keeps kicking me off
    smell: rice flower and shea ( bath and body works )
    favorite group: bah a lot
    desktop picture: Jimmy Urine from MSI
    book youre reading: Behind The Paint by Violent J
    in cd player: Brand New mix
    in dvd player: Big Money Hustlas
    color of toenails: the pink color i had from Sweethearts haha i need to get a pedicure..

    l a s t | p e r s o n
    you touched: Drew i think..its not like i go around touching everyone lol
    hugged: Dana
    you imed: Natalie
    you yelled at: ..dont know
    you kissed: Drew ( durrr )

    a r e | y o u
    understanding: when i want to be
    open-minded: most of the time
    arrogant: only sometimes ::looks like an angel::
    insecure: sometimes..
    interesting: maybe to some people
    random: ALL THE TIME!
    hungry: not right now
    smart: when i want to be
    moody: most of the time
    hard working: not anymore
    organized: no
    healthy: definately not
    shy: once in a while
    difficult: soemtimes for fun
    attractive: definately not
    bored easily: chyeah
    messy: yeaaaaaaaaaaa
    obsessed: haha not usually

    R A N D O M
    In the morning i am: pissed off at my alarm clock
    all i need is: a hot piece of ass? lmfao jk =)
    love is: beautiful
    i dream about: sex.. all day hahaha adidas

    o p p o s i t e s e x
    what do you notice first: hair/face
    last person you slow danced with: Drew hah
    worst question to ask: how many guys have you fucked/what size are your boobs
    who do you have a crush on: Drawww lol
    who has a crush on you: Draw again

    d o y o u e v e r
    sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to im you?: um once in a while..not really
    wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: i wish i had a penis..but who doesnt..i mean come on..and even if you said you didnt..i know your lying
    wish you were younger: fuck no, i want to be 18, 18 = piercings/boob job lmfao
    cried because someone said something to you?: yea... im a gay emo kid

    n u m b e r
    of times i have had my heart broken: bah a bunch
    of hearts i have broken: 2
    of girls ive kissed: oh shit lol hold on i have to count.. 3 for sure..i cant think bah!
    of continents i have lived in: 1
    of tight friends: a lot
    of cds i own: a bajillion
    of scars on my body: 250-300+

    F i n a l Q u e s t i o n s
    1. do you like fillings these out?: when im bored
    2. gold or silver: silver
    3. what was the last film you saw at the movies?: scary movie 3 ( omg Devin you ahole that was the last movie i saw haha )
    7. favorite cartoon/anime?: Sailor Moon muahahha
    8. what did you have for breakfast this morning?: i didn't
    10. who would you love being locked in a room with right now? Drew ;]
    11. could you live without your computer? yes but it would be hard
    12. would you color your hair? fuck yeah!
    13. could you ever get off the computer?: yea when i go places or have things to do
    14. habla espanol? no i dont speak spanish thanks lol
    15. how many people are on your buddy list?: 191
    16. drink alcohol? yes

    yeah today wasn't very productive.. i did do some laundry and took a shower. i also made it to school today lol. i love Drew a lot, im really happy to be with him. we almost got acid today..but like..the girl didn't have it yet or something. i offered to sell my body for 3 dollars in my 4th hour class so i could get money for it too. luckily i relaly didnt have to sell my body, my friend Jacob gave it to me lmfao. two people were gonna like take me up on the offer too, i dont think Drew would of been too happy about that one haha. i love that boy. i love telling boys to suck my cock, its a beautiful thing. oh i saw a rainbow today, i think i'll post the pictures.

    . it was beautiful. i loved it soo much, i just love rainbows..not in a lesbian way..i dont know i just love things like that in nature. i popped out my windows screen to take the picture and i was so happy to take them. school tomorrow is gonna suck my penis..but it does every whats the difference? i want to talk to Drew..i wonder what that ahole is doing..i think i'll find out. later amigos!

    ps- i've been listening to Coheed and Cambria like all day..they rock!

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