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:+: LiZ the Little Amphetamine :+: (_amphetamine_) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 16:39:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:Papa Roach - Last Resort

    First entry? Eh...Okay.
    Hmmmz, today was okay. Talked to Jack...=| He has a huge ass crush on me and I have Mike. He needs to get it through his head that I do not want anyone else other than Mike. RaWr!! Ahhhh, the beauty of it all. I just talked to Mike. :x I love him sooooo much. I love you, Mike! :-O! Today, my ear ring fell out and I had to put a tiny safety pin in my ear so my hole wouldn't go shut. *laughs* That sounded sick, but okay.~Anywayz~ Yeah....I'm freezing my ass off, it sucks. LoL. Jack was talking to me in school and I walked away, then he grabbed my arm and pulled me back and it left a fucking bruise. =| Jack, kiss my FAT WHITE ASS! ~Anywayz~ This girl named Sally wants to be exactly like me. =| Pisses me off. There's nothing I believe in more than my own insignificance, so why does everybody think my words can make a difference? =| Oh yeah, Kelly, congrats on going out with Ian! Stef...Go fuck yourself....Sarah, you're cool. Kristen, I'm going to miss you, man. Chelsea, you're awesome. Chelsea and Sarah: You two and I are like the Three Musketeers in our high school....Chelsea's the calmer one, more sensable.....Sarah's the show off one (LoL. Sarah, you know it's true, sorry.).....And I'm the loud mouth who can charm her way through things. Lmao. So true, so true, you know it is! Don't look at me like that! LoL. Sarah likes Hank.....Stef likes Hank......Dunno, Hank *might* like me, not sure, a little confused on that one. He's weird......Scares me a little. Typical poster boy. =| Blonde hair, blue eyes, 6 pac, lifts weights, strong...You know....The kinda' preppy one that you want to strangle? Yeah, that kind. RaWr! So cold! And I got told more than once that I had "bedroom eyes" or "blowjob eyes".....Pisses me off. =| I don't care when Mike says it, but if someone that I don't like or that likes me and we're friends says it, the I get pissed. ~Anywayz~ Back to Hank....He's like the singer of The All-American Rejects, but blonde and a little bit shorter hair. Eh, it works for him, but he better stop hitting on me. =| Today Jack pushed me against the lockers and it pissed me off so bad, Raven saved me and we walked away. I have a few bruises on my back because of the locks to the lockers were poking me in the back. Fuck you, Jack, I'll walk away from you if I want. I swear, if he ever touches me again....o0o0o0o I'll be pissed. =| Okay, gonna' go now, this is enough for my first entry. *-LoVe-* Ya' guys! I love Mike. :x With all of my heart. :"> *-LoVe-* :+: LiZ :+: "The one -N- only little 'Nilla"

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