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» my teeth - my car - my vagina (__glycerine) wrote,
@ 2003-06-01 21:41:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music: KoRn \\ Got The Life

    Saturday was the best birthday ever!!!
    i WOKE UP...
    Pat called me in the morning and wished me happy birthday. So that made me happy. I got up and took a shower, got dressed and I called my pap to drive me over to his house. I wanted to stay over at my paps house for alittle while just incase I didn't see them before I go to work. So whenever I got there I called Pat to let him know I'd be there in about 15 minutes because he told me he needed more time to do something. Well I spent a couple of minutes with them, and then me and my pap left and he drove me over to Pat's house.

    PAT'S HOUSE<33...
    I walked up and he had the door open for me already, and he looked so adorable! He led me up the stairs and told me to open the door, and whenever I did all these purple, white and black balloons fall out from the door! I couldn't stop smiling, I just hugged him and laughed about it because I was so happy. He told me that there was more so I walked into the room more and he reranged his room around so that he could fit a small table and a chair in there. He had pink and black streamers hanging from his ceiling, and off the table and chair. I sat down on the chair and there was a white vase with those fake red roses. So there was a box with stuff written on it like 'i love you' and 'happy 17th birthday'. Ontop of it, he put these multi-colored glitterly bracelets, and a pinkish purpleish leopard print keychain of a notebook and a pen. I took them off and openned it and in it was a pink spike collar, inscents + an inscents burner, a Misfits shirt that had skeleton hands on the chest, red and black high knee stockings, and a thong that had a thing attached to it where strings came down and could clip to the knee highs. ( which I think is more of a gift for him, but hey it was cute.. lol ) But that doesn't it. After that he told me to stay in the chair and he left the room. So I was alone for a couple of minutes looking at the gifts and he opens the door with a small birthday cake and 17 pink candles singing happy birthday to me. I almost cried, I swear to God he is the best boyfriend ever. It took me awhile to get ahold of myself to blow the candles out lol, but whenever I did he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and said Happy Birthday. After that I put on the misfits shirt and he sat on his bed and ate cake and everything. It was the best ever. I called my pap and asked if he could pick us back up and take us over to his house for awhile so we could be with my grandparents and aunt before he had to go to work. So he did and I took the cake over there and all my gifts =)

    Whenever he got there I openned the door and all these balloons were hanging up and purple streamers were everywhere, and they wrote 'ALY 17' on the wall with them. I was like "OMG!" lol, I kept getting surpises everywhere. I gave them all a hug and everything, then me and Pat went out and had pizza, and we sat down in the living room and talked to them about things, then it was time for my other birthday cake! So they all sang to me in the kitchen, and I blew out the candles and openned the card from then which had $55, and they also gave me a $30 coconut gift card. I didn't want anything from them but to spend my birthday with them for awhile, but hey it works. lol We which got a piece of cake and went into the living room and watched 'The Hot Chick' which was really stupid in my opinion, but it had it's funny moments. After the movie ended me and Pat went into my room and I changed for work, since I have to and he can wear whatever he wants. Then my pappy drove us to work and all...

    We walked in and had about an hour yet before we had to work. So we talked to Kevin, Mike and a new person who can't speak one word of english. It's pretty funny they have him saying the funniest shit. So we all walked out to the clock and Kristina was working that day! Which made me so happy because we always have the funniest times ever. So I clocked in and basically walked around the resteraunt with Kristina for about an hour, it takes old people alot of time to eat lol. We finally got business, and our job is to set tables and put the dirty dishes on the table in a bus pan and take it back to the kitchen, so while Kristina was taking the bus pan to the kitchen she does "Don't forget to wipe!" ROFL, I laughed my ass off. I didn't care who looked. That shit was so funny. So this one chick said we needed ice, so me and Kristina went into the back and on the way I said "Oh, are you going to seduce me again?!" and she goes "Yeah, we're going to have wild dike sex" And these short old guy goes "What?! What are you gonna have? Wild dike sex!??!" Lmao, so we got to the back and we always have a race to fill the bucket up, but instead we ended up throwing ice at each other. So FINALLY whenever we got the ice we walked back out and Mike, Wayne and this other guy was in the hallway and Kristina snapped my bra, and they all go "OOO!" lol, so she walked infront of me and I grabbed hers and she didn't realize it I guess and kept walking and I let go, holy shit that was the loudest snap ever. lol, they all thought it was funny. I took my break about 9;00ish and so did Pat since we got in at the same time, then Kristina took hers and at that time the two other bus girls left. So I ended up cleanning up a whole big party by myself, which was okay because Kristina came in during half of it and helped. We ended up staying until 11;00ish. Yep, 6;00 till 11;00. Hard job I have. ;x So her mom came and my mom was in the car with her. ( I thought I was going to be in trouble because me and my mom haven't been getting along alot lately) But she got out of the car and handed me a grey fluffy kitten! She said it made up for Riley dying. So I got in the car and thought of a name...Trinity. =D Cute, huh? Yeah.

    THAT'S ALL...
    Yeah, I had a great birthday as you can tell. Infact I think it was the best birthday I ever had in my whole life! Blah, this week is the last day of school, and you know what, we have half a day on Friday. That's the last day of school, how dumb is that?! Oh well, I'll check ya'll laterr.

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