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Scars will fade but the pain remains (__fadedscars) wrote,
@ 2004-03-25 21:23:00
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    Current mood:distressed
    Current music:"Cut from the team" - Taking back sunday

    There was a girl...
    There was a girl who had this friend. His name rhymed with small and he was absolutely wonderful. She told him everything that she couldnt tell anyone else. He was always there when she needed him, and she did anything and everything she could for him. She even doodled with him at 3 am in the morning when he wasnt feeling so great and sang him songs when her voice was dead from being sick. He was the only one she really trusted, even though that trust seemed to fade away from time to time. She gave him more nicknames that anyone else, and loved to tease him. She loved him a lot, and would never want to hurt him. Ever.

    When he got together with a girl that she didnt know too well, she was so happy. She wanted him to be happy, and thats they way that it seemed to be working out with this girl that she didnt seem to know that well--at the time, atleast. She got to know his girlfriend really well, and they became pretty good friends too.

    This friend of hers, he made a mistake. He cheated on her with another girl.

    The girl who had the friend was really sad when she found this out. Her friend, he seemed so helpless. He wouldnt tell her what happened until she finally got it out of him. She convinced his ex-girl to become his girl yet again. "How could you stay mad at him? Everyone makes mistakes.." She said to her.

    But she didnt know that getting them back together would lead them to ignoring her.

    She misses him a lot sometimes. And yeah, they talk...but sometimes it doesnt feel the same anymore.

    She doesnt know what it is. Is she jealous? Surely not. Does she want him to herself so she can tell him all her secrets again like she used to? She doesnt know.

    All she knows is that she misses him.

    And she wishes he knew all of this...

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